Warning given that international status of Cairo International Film Festival could be withdrawn

Ahram Online, Thursday 23 Aug 2012

Minister of Culture Saber Arab says the ministry will immediately take over the overseeing of the Cairo International Film Festival amid complaints from the International Union of Producers


The International Union of Producers (IUP) has sent a stern warning to the management of the Cairo International Film Festival, stating the need to announce the formation and final composition of the organising committee in order to speed up the paperwork and to ensure that all festival preparations are finalised.

The IUP agreed last year to cancel the festival due to political instability in Egypt. This year, the IUP may modify the classification of the festival from "A" to "B," which means demoting its international status to a local one.

Head of the Egyptian Chamber for Movie Industries Munib Shafei confirmed that he will would hold a meeting with the minister of culture, Saber Arab, to discuss the need to take rapid action and for the ministry to take charge of — and name a president for — the festival.

Meanwhile, Arab said the ministry would take over the overseeing of the festival, and would allocate a large budget to it.


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