Minister of Culture: Cairo Film Festival to run on time, and National Theatre leadership reshuffled

Ahram Online, Monday 27 Aug 2012

Mohamed Saber Arab promises to revive the National Theatre and to launch the Cairo Film Festival on time despite legal difficulties

Minister of Culture Mohammed Saber Arab declared that the upcoming period will witness a change in leadership within the National Theatre, to salvage the theatre from the dire state it has reached.

The National Theatre will be restored and adequately equipped in order to be ready for business by the beginning of the new season in 2013, according to Arab. The restorations aim to render the theatre “fit for human use,” says Saber Arab, and he added that a major shift is necessary in the performance and management sectors of the culture ministry.

With regard to the Cairo International Film Festival, Saber Arab said today that the ministry intervened to save the festival from legal issues that came close to leading to the cancellation of this year's festival. The minister called on the festival management to exert the necessary efforts to ensure the success of the festival, and to consider move beyond personal interests reminding them that the festival is a matter of national significance.

Saber Arab also made assurances that the ministry is determined to launch the festival on schedule, and to cooperate with all those people and associations that can help make the festival a success. 

In the next few days the ministry is due to release a statement indicating the composition of the technical committee, administrative organisation and a new head for the Cairo Film Festival.


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