Iran's 'Silent Majority' to speak at Cairo's Townhouse Gallery

Ahram Online, Tuesday 11 Sep 2012

Cairo's Townhouse Art Gallery on Wednesday will screen Iranian documentary 'The Silent Majority Speaks,' which recounts Iran's 2009 'revolution' against Ahmedinejad administration

'Silent Majority Speaks' at the International Documentaty Film Festival of Amsterdam

'The Silent Majority Speaks' is a film by an anonymous collective calling themselves 'The Silent Collective.' It will be screened in the library of Cairo's Townhouse Gallery on Wednesday, 12 September, at 7pm.

This 90-minute, 2010 production provides viewers with footage of the 2009 resistance movement to the results of the presidential election won by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmedinejad.

The film was never broadcast due to the Iranian government's tight grip on the media. The movement, therefore, depended on 'alternative media' and 'citizen journalism' to get its message across.

The film is a collection of footage from 14 cell-phones taken by different people, along with archival footage of Iran's struggle against tyranny.

The documentary emphasises the importance of recording movements so as to prevent silence and forgetfulness. It also highlights Iran's 'Green Movement' as a turning point for the country and the start of a new chapter in Iran's struggle against authoritarian rule.


Wednesday, 12 September, at 7pm

Townhouse Art Gallery library

10 Nabrawy Street, off Champollion Street, Downtown, Cairo

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