Art Alert: Recording Against Regimes

Ahram Online, Tuesday 26 Feb 2013

An exhibition of video art and films generated during political transformations in '80s Poland, '90s Germany and post-revolution Egypt will be held at Darb1718 in March


One of the characteristics of the January 25 Revolution and its aftermath is that it has largely covered itself. Armed with mobile phone cameras and a wide array of recording devices, protesters and journalists have been able to capture the unfolding events on the street. Such citizen-shot audio-visual material has been broadcast on mainstream television, gone viral on social media sites, and even been projected on screens in streets (Tahrir Cinema, 3askar Kazeboon are examples). But Egyptian protesters are not the only ones to use technology and media as a form of resistance.

In March, Darb 1718 Contemporary Art and Culture Centre will host an exhibition entitled Recording Against Regimes, which will explore the role of visual technology in the context of socio-political change, through showcasing video art and films generated in Poland in the 1980s, Germany in the 1990s and in post-revolution Egypt.

The videos and films will serve as an investigation into the changing role and influence of visual technology and the different ways the moving image and its perception can be expressions of resistance, the exhibition press release said.

“Recorded images created as a personal or collective expression against political regimes during periods of political change are a counterweight to those generated by the official media. The recording remains when the revolution is over and can often be interpreted not only by its content but also by the type of device used.”

The project is co-funded by the European Union as part of its annual Cultural Cooperation Programme in Egypt. It is supported by the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, the German Embassy in Cairo and the Polish Embassy in Cairo.


Recording Against Regimes will be held from 6 to 21 March.

Open-air cinema: 7-13 March
Conference: 9 March

Bayt AlSinnawi

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