Art Alert: Cinema El-Fourn to screen short films Wednesday

Ahram Online, Tuesday 16 Apr 2013

Cinema El-Fourn will screen a handful of independent short films, including Jordan's award-winning 'Bahiya and Mahmoud,' on Wednesday, 17 April, at Cairo's Darb 1718

Cinema ElFourn

Cairo's Darb 1718 will screen Cinema El-Fourn short films on Wednesday, 17 April, featuring the internationally acclaimed award-winning Jordanian film 'Bahiya and Mahmoud.' 

Cinema El-Fourn, in cooperation with MAD Solutions, the independent PR and marketing firm for independent films, is to screen a number of Arab short films, including Egyptian productions Zafir ('Exhale') and Noor, Syria's 'Waiting for PO Box,' and Jordan's 'Bahiya and Mahmoud.' 


'Bahiya and Mahmoud'

Directed by Jordan's Zaid Abu Hemdan, 'Bahiya and Mahmoud' tells the story of an aging married couple who have fallen into a routine of bickering until Mahmoud wakes up one day to find his wife, Bahiya, gone.  The film won the 'Best of the Festival' award at the 2011 Palm Springs International Short Film Festival. The same year, the film also received an award for 'Outstanding Short' in San Francisco's Arab Film Festival. In 2010, 'Bahiya and Mahmoud' was also screened at the Dubai International Film Festival and the Doha Tribeca Film Festival.



A 20-minute short film directed by Omar El-Zohairy, 'Zafir' tells the story of an old married couple living a silent life. Mazen and Jalila were selected by the director from a nursing home. 'Zafir' was their first time to act in front of cameras. The film won the Special Mention Award at the Muhr Competition for Short Feature Films at the eighth Dubai International Film Festival. In addition, 'Zafir' received an excellence award at the 12th Goethe Independent Short Film Festival.


'Waiting for PO Box'

Directed by Syria's Bassem Chekhes, the film is about two young filmmakers who embark on making their new film, but who must adjust their ideas and budget to meet the conditions of different financers. On the night before their meeting with potential financers, they sleep and dream. This is the story of an orange that grew without a tree. 'Waiting for PO Box' participated in the official Short Feature Competition at the Cannes Film Festival, was screened at the Ayam Beirut Al-Cinemaya Film Festival in 2013, and was selected to be part of the Muhr Competition for Short Feature Films in the 2012 Dubai International Film Festival.




Directed by Ahmed Ibrahim, 'Noor' tells the story of 13-year-old Fingo, who wants to hang lights outside his flat for Ramadan. He quickly realises, however, that there is much more to the lights than just decorating. Ibrahim, who is based in New York, insisted on shooting the film in Cairo's Al-Amireya district with the participation of some local residents. The film won the Muhr Short Feature Award at the Dubai International Film Festival. The film also took part in the Luxor African Film Festival, the Palm Springs International Shortfest and Middle East Now in Florence, Italy.



Wednesday, 17 April, at 8:30pm

Darb 1718: Al-Shamee Street, Fustat, Old Cairo

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