Egyptian shorts and documentaries to screen in London

Ahram Online, Sunday 21 Jul 2013

Mosaic Rooms will host Omar Robert Hamilton's award-winning 'Though I Know the River is Dry' as well as 5 Mosireen documentaries on Thursday

Though I know the river is dry
Though I Know the River is Dry still.

On Thursday 25 July, London's Mosaic Rooms will screen short films by Palestinian/Egyptian director Omar Robert Hamilton and the Cairo-based activist media collective Mosireen. The event will also feature a screening of Hamilton's award-winning fiction short Though I Know the River is Dry.

Though I Know the River is Dry features Paradise Now star Kais Nahif and was written and directed by Hamilton, an independent filmmaker and producer of the annual Palestine Festival of Literature.  The short debuted in 2013 at the Film Festival Rotterdam, where it won the Prix UIP. It is also nominated for Best Short Film by the 2013 European Film Awards.  The film was supported by two online crowd-funding campaigns, and over two years 182 people have contributed $29,000 to its funding.

Five documentaries produced by Mosireen will also be screened; The People Demand the Fall of the Regime, The Maspero Massacre, We Inherit Disease, The Privatisation of Ramlet Bulaq, and A Coup or Continuation of the Revolution?. These films will give audiences deeper insight into the changing dynamics of the Egyptian revolution.

The Mosireen Film Collective, an initiative led by independent filmmakers, was born out of the Egyptian revolution with the purpose to film, document, archive and disseminate visual information on the unfolding events in Egypt as an alternative to mainstream media.  It has gained monumental popularity over the past two years.  

Mosireen's YouTube channel is Egypt's most-viewed non-profit channel in history, and it was the most- viewed channel in the world for the month of January 2012.

Thursday, 25 July at 7.30pm
A.M. Qattan Foundation
Tower House, 226 Cromwell Road
London SW5 0SW

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