'Winter of Discontent' and 'Chaos and Disorder' to represent Egypt at Rabat Film Fest

Ahram Online, Sunday 15 Sep 2013

Ibrahim El Batout's 'Winter of Discontent' and Nadine Khan's 'Chaos and Disorder' are screening at this year's International Auteur Cinema Film Festival, with participation from 13 countries around the world

auteur cinema rabat
International Auteur Cinema Film Festival in Rabat

Contributing with two films, Ibrahim El Batout's El Sheta Ele Fat (Winter of Discontent) and Nadine Khan's Harag w Marag (Chaos and Disorder), Egypt shows a strong presence at the 19th edition of the International Auteur Cinema Film Festival, set to take place in Rabat from 27 September 27 to 5 October.

Egypt is among 13 countries participating in the festival, which also hosts Morocco, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, Iran, Syria and Tunisia.

This year, the festival pays tribute to four personalities who left a profound impact on filmmaking: the late Russian auteur Andrei Tarkovsky, Moroccan actress Nezha Rahil, young actor Fawzi Ben Saidi and Tunisian director Nasser Khamir.

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