TRAILERS: Films competing in 3rd edition of Luxor African Film Fest

Ahram Online, Wednesday 5 Feb 2014

The Luxor African Film Festival has unveiled the titles that made it to its 3rd edition lineup

Still from Bissau-Guinean film 'The Children's Republic', directed by Flora Mendes and screening on LAFF's opening night

The board of the Luxor African Film Festival (LAFF) has unveiled the titles that will be competing in its third edition, running from 18 to 24 March in Luxor.

The festival will be opening with director Flora Gomes's The Children’s Republic, a joint production between Portugal and Guinea-Bissau, about a small, fictional country in Africa where children rule after every adult abandons the place. The country prospers, but the children can no longer grow.

Egypt, meanwhile, is participating in LAFF with six films. In the Long Narratives competition, Egypt is taking part with The Mice Room, while in the Short Narrarives and Short Documentaries competition, Egypt’s contenders are El-Bostan El-Said Street, Sidhom and Erkie. In the Freedom Films competition, Egypt’s entry is Logical Revolt, while I Am the Film Director, another Egyptian film, will be screened in the out of competition selection.

SOME 41 African countries are participating in the festival with more than 55 films, in addition to nine non-African countries taking part in the Freedom Films competition.


Long Narratives Competition:

Bastardo (Tunisia)
Battle of Tabato (Guinea-Bissau)
Black Diamonds (Mali)
Durban Poison (South Africa)
Dust and Fortunes (Zimbabwe)
Horizon Beautiful (Ethiopia)
Rooftops (Algeria)
Imbabazi (Rwanda)
Kadjike (Guinea)
Kampala Story (Uganda)
Yam-Dam (Burkina Faso)
The Mice Room (Egypt)
They Are the Dogs (Morocco)
Tall as Baobab Tree (Senegal)
Rock the Casbah (Morocco) [below]

Long Documentaries Competition:

Aliens (Somalia)
Angola Ano Zero (Angola)
The Devil's Lair (South Africa) [below]
Emirs in Wonderland (Tunisia)
Nana Benz (Togo)
The River (Algeria)
Small Small Things (Liberia)
The Teacher's Country (Tanzania)
Touba (Senegal)
Tough Bond (Kenya)
William and the Windmill (Malawi)

Short Narratives and Short Documentaries Competition:

Behind the Word (Rwanda)
Haunted Souls (Uganda)
His to Keep (Kenya)
Homecoming (Algeria)
Jours d'avant (Tunisia)
The Other Woman (Senegal)
Projectionist (Morocco)
Shoeshine (Tanzania)
To Repel A Ghost (Cote D’Ivoire)
We Meet in Peace (South Sudan)
Wooden Hand (Tunisia)
Welcome Home (Burundi)
El-Bostan El-Said Street (Egypt)
ABC (Guinea)
Anima (Burkina Faso)
In the Name of the Brother (Morocco)
Light and Dark (South Africa)
Made in Gougou (Tunisia)
Upright Men (Benin)
Madame Esther (Madagascar)
Sedhom (Egypt) [below]
Tao Tao (Burkina Faso)
Azul (Tunisia)
Erkie (Egypt)
Lettre du Voyant (Ghana
The School (Niger)
Jambo Amani (Congo)

Freedom Films Competition:

Azu (Venezuela)
Behind the Smoke Screen (Iraq)
Bledo (Serbia)
Fueling Poverty (Nigeria)
Logical Revolt (Egypt)
My Stolen Revolution (Iran) [below]
Story of Mount Elgon (Kenya)
Red Moon (Morocco)
Black Page (Iraq)


Out of Competition Selection:

Diego Star (Cote d’Ivoire)
Late for My Mother’s Funeral (Algeria)
I Am the Film Director (Egypt)
Wavumba (Sierra Leone)
Women in Politics (Sierra Leone)

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