Art Alert: Young filmmakers present short flicks on women in Egypt

Ahram Online, Monday 17 Feb 2014

The Netherlands-Flemish Institute will host a film screening of five short films dealing with stories of women in Egypt by young filmmakers

Film Alia Ayman
Still from Catharsis: A Self Portrait by Alia Ayman

On Sunday, 23 February the Netherlands-Flemmish Institute will host a screening of five short films that deal with stories of women in Egypt. The films were all produced by young Egyptian directors in 2013 who will be present to discuss their films after the screenings.

Bahiya, by Mavie Maher, is an introspective look at the turmoil a teacher goes through after one of her students dies in a violent attack. 

Mina Magdy's Ibn Bnoot (Male Virgin) is a dark comedy exploring how life in Egypt would change if social roles were reversed, giving women authority over men.

Virtual by Nada Riyadh follows a day in the life of an activist lawyer specialising in a number of labour cases, focusing on the lawyer's Facebook posts. 

Sondos Shabayek's El-Bint (The Girl) follows an Egyptian female in an Egyptian street, focusing on how she deals with the looks and comments thrown her way.

These four films were produced under the Misr International Films Women in New Egypt programme, which featured mentorship and a writing workshop with young filmmakers to produce the films, which were first screened during the Panorama of the European Film last December.

Also screening is Alia Ayman's award-winning Catharsis: A Self Portrait, which explores the inner struggle between the director's conservative background and her western education and ideals through a thorough look at her own self.

All films will be screened at 7pm
Sunday 23 February
Netherlands-Flemish Institute
1 Mahmoud Azmy Street, Zamalek, Cairo

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