Art Alert: Youssra El-Hawary at Alexandria's Freedom Centre for Innovation

Ahram Online , Sunday 4 May 2014

On Friday, 9 May, Egyptian musician Youssra El-Hawary will be performing a collection of her most popular songs in Alexandria

youssra hawary main
Youssra El-Hawary and band performing in Oufuqy Music Festival in Alexandria 2013 (Photo: Rowan El Shimi)

Popular accordionist and singer Youssra El-Hawary will be holding a concert at Alexandria's Freedom Centre for Innovation on Friday 9 May at 7pm.


El-Hawary plays writes and composes her own songs. She started playing the piano when she was 8 years old, then took up the accordion in 2010. Her first Cairo performance was in March 2010. Her songs often stir controversy, as most of them deal with social and political issues in the form of simple stories.


She first took the music scene by storm in 2012 with her hit single El-Soor (The Wall), which shows her playing an accordion and singing humorous lyrics by Walid Taher to a poor man urinating on the walls. The entire video was shot against the backdrop of the army-built concrete barricades in downtown Cairo, over which local artists painted images of open streets in protest. The music video won first place in the Fair Play International Music Awards, which is given to young musicians who stand against corruption.


While her solo project began recently, the young artist is also a founder of the Choir Project and an actress and singer in the Al-Tamy Theatre Group.


For the past two months, El-Hawary has also been hosting a weekly radio show, Aadet Mazzika, on local commercial radio station Nogoum FM.

Friday, 9 May at 7pm
Freedom Centre for Creativity; 1, Horreya Street (formerly Fouad Street), Alexandria
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