PROGRAMME: Alexandria's Oufuqy Music Festival returns for a third year

Ahram Online, Tuesday 17 Jun 2014

Alexandria's independent music festival returns with 13 concerts, films, an exhibition and round-table discussions between 17-25 June

Flunay to perform during Oufuqy (Photo: Courtesy of Oufuqy)

In its third edition, the Oufuqy Music Festival is set to fill several Alexandrian spaces with music, films, an exhibition and a roundtable discussion between 17-25 June.

Oufuqy – meaning horizontal – takes a unique approach to festival-hosting, drawing on the organisers' research on culture festivals in London. The festival is held over a span of several days and offers music concerts, film screenings related to music and musical workshops.

The festival has continued to grow since its first edition in 2012, with this year the biggest yet.

Curated by respected violinist and researcher Ayman Asfour, and organised under the umbrella of Gudran Association for Arts and Development, Oufuqy will host 13 concerts, five film screenings related to music and an exhibition entitled "Resistance (((S)))ounds".

The events stretch through several venues in Alexandria including Gudran's venues El-Cabina, Wekalet Behna, El-Dokkan in addition to the Goethe Institute, the French Institute, Odeon Cinema, El-Medina for Performing and Digital Arts, Janaklees Studio and Arkan Center.


Tuesday 17 June

6pm         Opening of 'Resistance (((S)))ounds' exhibition in El-Dokkan
8.30pm    'Abdo Dagher' film screening in El-Cabina

Wednesday 18 June

6pm         'Buena Vista Social Club' film screening in Wekalet Behna
8.30pm    Adnan concert in El-Medina

Thursday 19 June

6pm         'I'm Not There' film screening at Wekalet Behna
8.30pm    Qarar Izala concert at French Institute

Friday 20 June

6pm          'Violinah' film screening at Wekalet Behna
8.30pm     Maurice Louca concert at French Institute

Saturday 21 June

7pm          El-Manzouma & Ali Talibab at Odeon Cinema
8.30pm     Rami Abadir & Mostafa Elsayed at Odeon Cinema

Sunday 22 June

7pm          Hiphop night at El-Cabina

Monday 23 June

7pm          Flunay concert at Wekalet Behna
8.30pm     Nadah El-Shazly at Janaklees Studio

Tuesday 24 June

7pm          Saleeb Sufi at Arkan Center
8.30pm     'Setto Zad' film screening at Wekalet Behna

Wednesday 25 June

7pm          Portrait Avenue band at El-Cabina
8.30pm     Abdallah Abo Zikry at Goethe Institute


11 San Saba Street, behind Cinema Rialto, El-Raml Station, Alexandria

2 Adeeb Street, El-Mansheya, Alexandria

Wekalet Behna
1 El-Keneisa El-Marounia, Orabi Square, El-Mansheya, Alexandria

French Institute
30 El-Nabi Daniel Street, Mahatet El-Raml, Alexandria

El-Madina Studio
8 Talaat Harb Street, El-Raml Station, Alexandria

Janaklees for Visual Arts
10 Hussein Hassan Street, Al-Azarita, Alexandria



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