PROGRAMME: Cairo Opera House Summer Festival in three cities

Ahram Online, Saturday 2 Aug 2014

Between 5 August and 4 September, the Cairo Opera House presents its annual Summer Festival filled with Arabic music, Sufi singing and jazz

Summer Festival
Photo: from the Cairo Opera House promotional material

Cairo Programme
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Tuesday 5 August
Rasha Yehia and her band

Wednesday 6 August
Arabic music with El-Leil Wel Mawal, conductor: Raafat Yousry

Thursday 7 August
Dina El-Wedidi

Friday 8 August
Oud duet: Ghassan Al-Youssef and Dina Abdel-Hamid

Saturday 9 August
Sweet Sound Band

Sunday 10 August
El-Tanbura troupe from Port Said

Monday 11 August
Takht Sharqi

Tuesday 12 August
Jazz with Wave band

Wednesday 13 August
Jazz with Ahmed Rabie

Saturday 16 August
Inshad Sufi

Tuesday 19 August
Nesma Abdel Aziz and her band

Wednesday 20 August
Sufi singing with the Egyptian Mawlawiya led by Amer Al-Touni

Saturday 23 August
Celebrations of Egyptian revolution of 23 July 1952 with the Talents Development Centre

Tuesday 26 August
Jazz with Yehya Khalil

Wednesday 27 August
Arabi music with Al-Takht Al-Arabi ensemble conducted by Yasser Moawad

Thursday 28 August
Rehab Omar and her ensemble

Friday 29 August
Arabic music with Reem Kamal and Oshaq Al-Nagham Troupe

Saturday, 30 August
Arabic music with Mahmoud Darwish and Konoz band

Sunday, 31 August
Belal El-Sheikh and Sehr Al-Sharq Ensemble

Monday 1 September
Al-Ahlam band featuring singer Ahlam Ahmed

Tuesday 2 September
Nogoom Al-Tarab band for featuring Mostafa Ahmed

Wednesday 3 September
Harpist Manal Mohie Eldin and her ensemble

Thursday 4 September
Amthal Refaat and her band

Concerts take place in the Cairo Opera House's open air theatre and begin at 8pm.


Alexandria Programme

Sunday 17 August
Nesma Abdel-Aziz and her band

Tuesday 19 August
Sufi singing with the Egyptian Mawlawiya led by Amer Al-Touni

Wednesday 20 August
Khaled Selim and his ensemble

Thursday 21 August
Basata band

Friday 22 August
Ali El-Haggar and his ensemble

Concerts take place at the Alexandria Opera House's Sayed Darwish Theatre, 22 El-Horreya Road (formerly known as Fouad St.), El-Raml Station, Alexandria, and begin at 8pm.


Damanhour Programme

Sunday 17 August
Dina El-Wedidi

Monday 18 August
Sufi singing with the Egyptian Mawlawiya led by Amer Al-Touni

Tuesday 19 August
Basata Band

Wednesday 20 August
Gypsy Nubian band

Thursday 21 August
Khaled Selim and his ensemble

The concerts take place in the Damanhour Opera House in Damanhour, and begin at 8pm.

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