Call to participants of 5th International Chopin Piano Competition Egypt

Ahram Online , Thursday 5 Feb 2015

The organisers of the upcoming 5th International Chopin Piano Competition Egypt invite applicants for its upcoming edition scheduled to take place in November 2015

One of the contestants during the 4th Chopin Piano Competition Egypt, 2014 (Photo: Ati Metwaly)

This is the first time for Egypt's Chopin Piano Competition to accept applications from young pianists living outside Egypt. It is also the reason behind the festival’s name change from Chopin Piano Competition Egypt to International Chopin Piano Competition Egypt.

Egyptian as well as foreign contestants are welcomed to participate in the festival scheduled to take place between 20 and 30 November. However, as the organisers outline, priority will be given to young pianists from Egypt and the Arab World.

The competition is divided into four age categories, with each going through two rounds during which the participants will be required to play works by Chopin and other composers, as indicated by the competition's program, below.


Category I (age 18 – above)

First round (semi final):

1. J. S. Bach: One Prelude and Fugue (not less than 3 voices) or Toccata and Fugue
2. Classical Sonata: (except Beethoven Op. 49 Nr.1 & 2 – Mozart facile sonata)
3. One Etude from below:
-- Chopin (except Op. 10 Nr. 3, 6, Op. 25 Nr. 7)
-- or one of the following composers: Liszt, Rachmaninov, Scriabin, Debussy
4. Chopin: one nocturne

Second round (final):

1. Chopin: Work not less than 6 minutes from the following: Ballad, Scherzo, Polonaise, Fantasy
2. One Piece by Debussy or Ravel
3. One Modern Piece
4. Chopin: Waltz or Mazurka

Category II (age 15-18)

First round (semi final)

1. J. S. Bach: One Prelude and Fugue
2. Classical Sonata
3. One Etude from below:
-- Chopin, (except Op. 10, Nr. 3, 6, Op. 25 Nr. 7)
-- or Liszt, Op. 1
4. Chopin: Two Preludes (one slow and one fast)

Second round (final)

1. One piece of Impressionism
2. One modern piece
3. One major piece of Chopin (at least 6 minutes of duration)

Category III (age 12-15)

First round (semi final)

1. One virtuoso Etude
2. Classical Sonatina or Sonata
3. Chopin: Mazurka

Second round (final)

1. J. S. Bach: 2 Parts or 3 Part Inventions
2. Romantic piece (other than Chopin)
3. Chopin: Waltz

Category IV (age up to 12)

First round (semi final)

1. J. S. Bach: One Piece from the Book of Anna Magdalena Bach or from the small Preludes
2. One Sonatina
3. One Piece of Chopin or any romantic piece

Second round (final)

1. Two pieces, each from a different music era
2. One piece of Chopin (not the same as played in the first round)

Chopin Piano Competition Egypt (CPCE) is organised by the Egyptian Youth Music Association (founded in 1985), in collaboration with the Polish Embassy. The competition was initiated by Fawzy El-Shamy, former dean of the Cairo Conservatory, who contributed numerous musical initiatives to the Egyptian music scene, focusing on education and youth activities.

Throughout the four editions, the CPCE jury has included: Ramzi Yassa, Egypt’s internationally acclaimed pianist; Tarek Sharara, composer and music critic; Hani El Shabrawishi, head of the piano department at the Cairo Conservatory; Egyptian pianists Amal El-Shahed and Moushira Eissa; Mariola Cieniawa-Puchala, famous Polish pianist and professor at the Cracow Academy of Music.

The first edition of the competition took place in 2010; due to political reasons its 2011 edition was cancelled, but it had returned promptly by 2012.

Until 2014, the competition accepted mainly Egyptian young pianists. Now in its 5th round, the competition turns international. 

The first prize winner will participate in a short piano workshop in Poland.

For application form and further information, please email Fawzy El Shamy, the ICPCE's founder and chairman: [email protected] 

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