The Last Supper at El Sawy Culturewheel

Sunday 5 Dec 2010

A rock band from Canada will be performing at El Sawy Culturewheel at 8 pm next Wednesday

The Last Supper Band

The Canadian rock band ‘The Last Supper’ will be playing at  El Sawy Culturewheel on 8 December at 8 pm.

"We’re not hippies, but like a1960’s band we want to bring a heightened awareness to global issues. We have travelled all over the world and there are similarities in people. It is truly one world,” wrote Dan Shwetz, the vocalist, on their My Space page.

The group, which was founded, by their vocalist and  guitarist Peter Walker have performed in more than 700 live shows across four continents at numerous famous rock clubs and European festivals. Their genre can be categorised under rock or indie music.

The band performed on 2 December in the Camel Bar in Sharm El Sheikh.


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