Musicians show solidarity with Tahrir Square sit-in

Ahram Online, Tuesday 12 Jul 2011

A large number of local singers and musicians have been performing at the Tahrir Square sit-in to show their solidarity with the protesters

Matloub Zaeem

Following the spontaneous music festival that broke out at Tahrir Square in the early hours of Sunday 10 July, Egyptian musicians and singers have been entertaining protesters each night during their sit-in.

As protesters announced their plan for a million man march in downtown Cairo from Tahrir Square to take place today, Tuesday 12 July, protesters claim that Egyptian singer and songwriter Mahmoud El Esseily plans to perform tonight in support of the protests and sit-in that has been ongoing since 8 July.

Among the artists that performed on Sunday were Cairokee headed by Amir Eid, who performed their latest song Matloub Zaeem (In Search of a Leader).

Shady Sherif, owner of Core Publications and the producer of the song's music video, said: "Sunday night was spectacular. Cairokee performed their acclaimed revolution song Sout el Horreya and their latest Matloub Zaeem."

The large crowd inside the square cheered the group on with great applause as the band repeated Matloub Zaeem three consecutive times. Cairokee went back to Tahrir again the following night at 9pm.

Prior to Cairokee’s show, Ramy Essam had also returned to Tahrir Square to sing his patriotic songs. The crowd sang along, chanting "Yaskut Tantawi, yaskut el khayen el gaban. (Down with Tantawi, Down with the treacherous coward)."

Musicians and singers supporting protesters at Tahrir Square only announce their arrival a few hours ahead of their shows, hence exact show times are hard to specify in advance.

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