Wust El Balad celebrates with a concert

Monday 13 Dec 2010

The popular band Wust El Balad celebrates the launch of its second album

Wust El Balad

Wust El Balad will hold a concert at Al Azhar park on 17 December to celebrate the launch of its second album Fok Edaya (Untie my hands).

The concert will start at 4 pm. and will host several bands such as City Band, Uss w Laz2, Ashara Gharby, Y-Crew and CairoKee.

Their new album is comprised of ten songs including those already performed at their concerts like "Ali" and "Ala Hasab Wedadak."

The band is considered one of the most popular bands in the Egyptian contemporary music scene and performs regularly at El Sawy Culturewheel, After 8 and Cairo Jazz Club. They were established in 1999 under the name The Gray Rat Band and changed it to Wust El Balad after a suggestion from  Sameh El Azab, who they jammed with at the Cairo Opera House.

The band released their first album also titled Wust El Balad in 2007.


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