Iman El-Bahr Darwish wins Egyptian Music Syndicate elections

Ahram Online, Wednesday 27 Jul 2011

Iman El-Bahr Darwish, a famous 90s singer, won the elections to head the Egyptian Music Syndicate

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The Music Syndicate elections results were announced yesterday evening with Iman El-Bahr Darwish winning with 1219 votes. Darwish beat out his opponent Mohamed El-Helw, who only received 679 votes.

Both candidates expressed support for one another. According to Ahram Online, El-Helw says “Throughout the elections, I felt the love and appreciation from all my colleagues. I support Iman El-Bahr Darwish and wish him the best of luck with this road he has taken.”

Commenting on the election results, Darwish says, “El-Helw has always been my friend and I ask all members of the syndicate to support me and cooperate so we develop together the music scene of Egypt.”

The candidates praised the fairness of the judiciary committee that monitored the elections.

Both Darwish and El-Helw were famous singers in the 90s. Darwish is the grandchild of an early 20th century Egyptian leading composer, Sayed Darwish.

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