Lebanese musician Zeid Hamdan arrested

Ahram Online , Wednesday 27 Jul 2011

The Lebanese musician Zeid Hamdan, famous for his band Soapkills, was arrested for defamation of Lebanese President in his song, General Suleiman

The Lebanese musician Zeid Hamdan was arrested by Lebanese authorities today for defaming the Lebanese president in his song, General Suleiman, which was released two years ago.

Calls for his release have been spreading today on Facebook and Twitter under the hashtag, #freezeid, which was gaining popularity rapidly this afternoon.

He wrote on his Facebook account the following today, “Dear friends, I am now in the prison of the police station of the palace of justice in Beirut because of my song ‘General Suleiman.’ They are prosecuting me for defamation of President Suleiman. I don’t know how long I will be in prison. Please mobilize.”

“Today, Zeid rode his bike to the palace of justice, thinking he would sign some papers and go back home. Surprisingly, he didn't go back home. He was arrested,” read a Facebook note by Kinda Hassan, who added, “No trial is scheduled yet, and we don't know what the verdict will be.”

Zeid Hamdan is well known in Egypt for his indie electro-pop band Soapkills, formed in 1977. The group is one of the most famous bands in the Lebanese underground music scene.

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