Head of the musicians' syndicate on a mission to cleanse it from corruption

MENA, Thursday 18 Aug 2011

The newly-elected head of the musicians' syndicate is working on its reconstruction, and to sweep out the corruption within

Iman El Bahr Darwish, the new head of the musicians' syndicate, has urged those who obtain any documents showing corrupt practices by members of the former general committee of the syndicate to hand them in to the new syndicate administration as soon as possible, after revelations of substantial financial corruption.

Darwish asserted he will put great effort into fighting the corruption that took hold of the syndicate and that he will try to retrieve all the syndicate’s stolen money, because it belongs to the musicians.

Tarek Morada, the official spokesperson of the syndicate said that Darwish’s mission to reconstruct the syndicate is not easy, especially after revealing the amount of corruption that occurred.

Darwish said that he is expecting all musicians to pay their fines in contribution to the reconstruction of the syndicate.

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