Egyptian star Tamer Hosny's new releases, concerts in Eid Al-Fitr

Eslam Omar , Wednesday 27 May 2020

The remix of his 2019 album song, that originally featured Algerian King of Raï Cheb Khaled, has seen the contribution of famous singers Moroccan Abdel-Fattah Grini and Tunisian record-breaking rapper Balti

Tamer Hosny, Cheb Khaled, AbdelFattah Grini, Balti
Star Tamer Hosny features Cheb Khaled, AbdelFattah Grini, Balti in Wa Enta Maayia Remix

Egyptian pop singer and actor Tamer Hosny released his latest video clip Wa Enta Maayia (When You're With Me) Remix, in which are featured three North African stars. The song was released during the Islamic holiday of Eid El-Fitr, the celebration which follows the fasting month of Ramadan. 

The remix of his 2019 album song, that originally featured Algerian King of Raï Cheb Khaled, has seen the contribution of famous singers Moroccan Abdel-Fattah Grini and Tunisian record-breaking rapper Balti.
Published on Hosny's YouTube channel to which over 5.6 million viewers are subscribed, Wa Enta Maayia was remixed by Moroccan Jalal Al-Hamdaoui in a dance recipe that blended various popular EDM beats with Reggaeton and Egyptian Maqsoum.
After an intro scene of Hosny and Khaled at a barber's shop, Hosny's rich production sees colourful entertaining locations, styling, modelling and dance routine starting with a shot of wall-posters of Egyptian movies, including one of his latest hit El-Floos (Money), by the same director of the clip Said Al-Marouk.
Lebanese director Al-Marouk, who was among Michael Bay's crew of the 2010 worldwide cinema hit Transformer Revenge of the Fallen, has directed tens of hit music videos for the most successful Arab singers and is also known for Ahmed Ezz and Donia Samir Ghanem's comedy hit of 2011; 365 Youm Saada (365 Days of Happiness).

With his joyful presence Cheb Khaled, of the worldwide fame for hits like Didi, Aïcha and C'est la vie, is always keen to appear with Egypt's first class stars that included Mohamed Mounir in a concert in Cairo a few years after the 1999 Qalbi (My Heart), one of Amr Diab's very few duets. 

Grini, who is most known for Ahla Mafy El-Donya (The Sweetest in the World) and 3 Kelmat (3 Words), sings his verse with Hosny in a Moroccan dialect despite his big collection of Egyptian dialect hits that also include his latest Ya Habibi (O Lover) and Laffa (Roll); a significant introduction of Mahragan beats. 
Collaborating with many known singers, the widely known Tunisian singer, composer and rapper Balti has a number of hit watched by tens of millions, such as ; Muslim - Mama, Baba, Clandestino, and Wala Lela. His smash hit Ya Lili is one of the top watched Arabic songs on YouTube with 667 million views so far.
Wa Enta Maayia is not Hosny's only release during Eid Al-Fitr. On Sunday he released a video for Welcome to the Life duet with Akon from their concert at JJTX Music festival in Jeddah, early 2020, that sees the Senegalese American star singing a verse in Arabic.

Hosny has also given a no-crowd charity concert on Sunday at the  Sound and Light Theatre at the foot of the Giza Pyramids with the accompaniment of several musicians.
Organised by ONTV, that also interviewed Hosny, the concert was sponsored by WE Egyptian Telecom and Zed Park that both featured the star in their Ramadan season advertisement campaigns in which he presented two new songs.
Hosny, who said earlier that the Pyramids concert "aims to raise funds for those who were affected by the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic", has last month chanted for the same cause joining Mounir, Yousra, Samira Said and other Arab super stars in the Medhat El-Adl ode to humanity Enta Aqwa (You're Stronger), composed by Amr Mostafa.

Due to the ongoing lockdown; Tamer Hosny, who announced earlier that he would only hold no-crowd live-streamed concerts if made for the benefit of poor families affected by the pandemic, has temporarily halted the shooting of his new film Mosh Ana (Not Me) in a precautionary move despite the fact that many Ramadan series were shot amid the pandemic. 
Hosny is keen to publish human development posts to boost people's morale during the ongoing crisis, and has recently posted an Islamic prayer song in supplication to God to lift the plague.
The Egyptian star Hosny, who made it to the Guinness World Records book twice, has accomplish a two-decade successful singing and acting career that was kickstarted by producer Nasr Mahrous' Free Mix 3 album that also witnessed the beginning of the rising fame of Egyptian star Sherine Abdel-Wahab.
From Mahrous to Mazzika and Rotana, Hosny's discography includes almost a dozen of successful albums with the latest releases produced by him.
His filmography includes commercially successful films in which he collaborated with many prestigious writers, directors and actors; such as Halet Hob (2003), Sayed El-Atefy (2005), Captain Hima (2008), Nour Einy (2011), Tesbah Ala Kheir (2017), El-Badla (2018) and Omar & Salma trilogy, in addition to a number of TV series.
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