Poet Ahmed Haddad and musician Hazem Shahine at El Sawy Culturewheel

Wednesday 12 Jan 2011

The event, featuring several preforms - including Aya Hemeda, May Haddad and Omar Jaheen - will take place at El Sawy Culturewheel on Friday, 14 January at 8 pm

Ahmed Haddad and Hazem Shahine

2006 marked the first artistic cooperation between poet Ahmed Haddad and Hazem Shahine (music composer and founding member of Eskenderella band), as the two came together for the first Shams El Sheta (The Winter Sun) poetry and song evening. Since then, their artistic cooperation has blossomed with more than 25 songs.

The poet and composer are coming together once again for another Shams El Sheta poetry and song evening, scheduled for Friday, 14 January, at 8 pm. Among the performers are Aya Hemeda, May Haddad and Omar Jaheen.

Haddad, a cinematic figure and poet, is a member of Al Sharee troupe (The Street Troupe) through which he has participated in numerous poetry evenings. He wrote several songs for television, such as the famous children series Zaza and Gargir. He also wrote numerous songs for leading independent troupes, such as Eskenderella, Fairouz Karawya, and Ahmed Ali Al-Haggar. Haddad published his first book of poetry in 2000, under the title El-Ward Elli Byetlaa, (The flowers that Bloom). He has since also published Habet Torab (Grain of Sand) in 2007, Dolab El Hodom (Closet) in 2008 and Beshwesh (Slowly). In 2008, he wrote and directed the short feature film Kol El Banat Betheb El-chocolata, (All Girls Love Chocolate).

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