Art Alert: Arabic classics in jazzy flavours by Ali Sharaf's Cairo Cafe

Eslam Omar , Monday 8 Mar 2021

Egyptian composer Ali Sharaf's newly-fomed band will perform his arrangements for some memorised tunes of Baligh Hamdi, Mohamed Abdel-Wahab, and the Rahbani brothers

Ali Sharaf

A selection of evergreen Arabic classics will be performed in jazzy arrangements by Egyptian composer Ali Sharaf and his newly formed band ‘Cairo Cafe’ at the Al-Gomhoreya Theatre on Friday 12 March.

“Our goal with Cairo Cafe is to introduce a joyful atmosphere that recalls all the memories rooted in our hearts and minds,” stated the band on social media this week, urging fans to attend.

In the concert titled ‘Aghany Be-Ta’am Tany’ (Songs with a new flavour), the repertoire will include some of the most memorised works of iconic Arab composers such as Baligh Hamdi, Mohamed Abdel-Wahab, and the Rahbani brothers.

Cairo Cafe’s lineup will feature violinist Rana Haggag as the lead singer, alongside Hazem Abdel-Kader (drums), Ahmed El-Mahdy (guitar), Mohamed El-Ashry (bass guitar), Mostafa El-Saeed (saxophone), Waleed Gabr (trumpet), and Zizo (trombone), playing the arrangement of Ali Sharaf (piano).

Long-time composer and arranger for some of the most known Arab singers like Mohamed Fouad, Ali El-Haggar, Medhat Saleh, and Hamada Helal, the ethnomusicology expert, Ali Sharaf, wrote a number of themes and scores for successful TV series in the past three decades, as well as medley arrangements like his successive works with Fabrika.

All public events in Egypt are being held under strict safety measures to avoid the spread of COVID-19.

Friday 12 March at 8pm
Al-Gomhoreya Theatre, Abdeen

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