Egyptian pop star Angham's new regret anthem Ana Be'toh Keter trends

Eslam Omar , Wednesday 16 Jun 2021

In her latest single, Angham portrays a lover who took her man for granted and finally faces a sad ending


Egyptian pop star Angham, arguably among the Arab world’s top female vocals, has been trending since the release of her new single Ana Be'toh Keter last week.

"I let him down many times, I hurt him many times, while I thought he couldn't ever fly away from my hands. But he finally let me drink, from the same cup, and I will never dare to say he has no feelings," Angham opens with lyrics written by Amir Teima, composed on hooky melodies by Ihab Abdel-Wahed in a variation of his favorite 'Maqam Kurd' (an Arabic melodic mode corresponding to the Phrygian modal scale).

"Whom could I blame? Whom could I upbraid? I will not open my mouth [for blaming] with him! How could I dare to reproach him? Wasn’t I the one who started it? I destroyed and didn't build, I took him for granted, and here I am waking up on his departure," sings the slang-Egyptian Arabic chorus in a rare Angham song that takes the side of the man in relationships.

Produced by Tarek Madkour in a typical maqsoum rhythmic style, Ana Be'toh Keter features bassist Ahmed Ragab, guitarists Mostafa Aslan with the strings section written by Hani Farahat, who for year has been conducting the orchestra accompanying Angham during her concerts.



As releasing singles is the fashion recently, Ana Be'toh Keter is one of several releases from experienced pop stars in June, including Mohamed Mounir's Ally Baey Men Sohaby, Samira Said's Etneen Belleil as well as Zahmet El-Ayam, which combines Hamid El-Shaeri, Hisham Abbas, Moustafa Amar and Ehab Tawfik.

Pop love songs, including Angham's, are trending this week despite strong competition with many rap singles from Wigz, Marwan Moussa, Abyusif, Afroto, as well as multiple Mahagaran releases including Omar Kamal's Awedik featuring Somaya El-Khashab, and Hassan Shakosh's Habibty, featuring acclaimed movie star Yasmin Raeis. Akram Hosny's featuring of Haifa Wehbe in Law Kont, released Monday, is gaining a wide attention as well.

Born in 1972, the daughter of composer, violinist, and singer Mohamed Ali Soliman and artist Magda Abdel-Haleem, Angham is a Cairo Conservatory graduate who launched her career beside her father in the late 1980s, before embarking on her own independent path, reaching a wide popularity across the Arab region with over two dozen successful albums.

Her new single was released on Sunday, gaining widespread attention on various music platforms for its emotional lyrics that recall the memories of deceased loved ones.

"It was a dream and it was lost. Oh my lover, goodbye! I don't request but forgiveness. I am not greedy," Angham concludes the lyrics of Ana Be'toh Keter in a trembling voice.

Angham has produced several singles this year including Howa Nafs Al-Shok (It’s the Same Longing) in March, paying tribute to a number of Egypt’s most influential artists, Mother's Day short ode Waddoni A’and Ommy, and Ana Addaha in February within the 100 Million Healthy Lives official health campaign.

The popular singer is gearing up for an anticipated spring concert scheduled for Thursday 1 July at the Fountain Theater of the Cairo Opera House, where she will perform a selection of her hits like Omry Maak, Hala Khasa Geddan, Ya Retak Fahemny, Ben Al-Benein, Albak, Baatly Nazra, Sidi Wisalak, among many other well-known hits.

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