Egyptian Islamic chanter Mahmoud ElTohamy celebrates World Animal Day with ‘Monay’

Eslam Omar , Monday 4 Oct 2021

Famous Egyptian Islamic chanter Mahmoud ElTohamy released his latest song ‘Monay’ on Monday amid celebration of World Animal Day.


Directed by Abdel-Qader El-Atrash, the music video urges mercy towards street animals and features the sons of the chanter in a message to his fans.

“You see them as street animals, but we see them as the creation of Allah the Almighty God who created everything,” ElTohamy, a pioneer in reviving Islamic chanting in modern arrangements and Western harmonies, told Ahram Online on Monday.

“Teach yourself to worship Allah by feeding and taking care of animals, including cats and dogs in your neighbourhoods,” he implored his fans.

ElTohamy has frequently advocated for animal rights through his social media platforms.

Most famous for Qamaron, El-Burda, Rasamtok and many other traditional poems, the 1979-born ElTohamy started his career in childhood by following in the footsteps of his father, pioneer Sufi chanter Shiekh Yassin ElTohamy.

He performed Sufi poetry chants at traditional Islamic Sunni events across the country for crowds that sometimes numbered in the hundreds of thousands at large moulid events in Cairo's Al-Hussein and Al-Saida Zeinab districts.

ElTohamy was featured in various concerts in Egypt and abroad with Egyptian Grammy Award winner Fathy Salama and his band Sharkiat in a project launched in 2018 titled 'Sufism vs Modernism'.

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