Wegz, Marwan Pablo, other rappers dominate Spotify streams in Egypt for 2021

Eslam Omar , Tuesday 7 Dec 2021

Egyptian rap star Wegz and his friends, Marwan Pablo, Marwan Moussa, Abyusif, Lege-Cy and Afroto, are dominating the streaming in Egypt for the year 2021 with quite a competition from pop stars like Amr Diab, Mohamed Hamaki and Hamza Namira, announced leading Swedish music streaming platform Spotify.


This is the second year in a row for Wegz to be named Spotify’s Egypt’s Most Streamed Artist, in addition to having four songs of his among the 10 most-streamed songs in Egypt; ‘Asyad El Soot’ with LZHYMR, ‘Msh Fair’, ‘3afareet El Asphalt’' and ‘Hustla’.

“I can’t explain how happy I am to be Spotify’s top streamed artist in Egypt for the second year in a row. A big thank you to the best fans in the world, wouldn’t be here without you!” the 1998-born rapper Wegz, has commented in Spotify’s press release issued days ago.

Marwan Pablo, a rapper, singer, songwriter, and record producer, came back strongly from his one-year retirement, taking over the most-streamed song list in Egypt with ‘Ghaba’, while Marwan Moussa, who ranked fifth among the most-streamed artists in Egypt, won first place for the most-streamed album ‘Florida’ that contains 13 tracks.

Abyusif is fourth, Lege-Cy is seventh while Afroto has also picked another place for rap as the tenth most streamed artist.

Pop is present for sure, as megastar Amr Diab, dubbed El Hadaba, maintained his position as the second most-streamed artist in Egypt with his album ‘Sahran’ is the second most-streamed album this year.

Hamza Namira made it to the top five with his album ‘Mawloud Sanat 80’, which has become the third most-streamed album in Egypt, while Mohamed Hamaki also made it to the top earning two positions for his albums ‘Ya Fatenny and Kol’ Yom Men Dah.

Lists have been announced within Wrapped annual campaign-- launching for the third time in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA)-- that also includes top playlists, and podcasts genres as well as a personalized user experience for each listeners’ favourites.

While Spotify lists give some indications, top-listen lists of other platforms like YouTube, iTunes, Anghami and other streaming-service have slight differences in the top listens, depending on the type of users’ preferences, as well as each platform’s display.

Some Wrapped top lists have been announced by Spotify as follows;

Egypt’s Most Streamed Artists:
1.           Wegz
2.           Amr Diab
3.           Marwan Pablo
4.           Abyusif
5.           Marwan Mousa
6.           BTS
7.           Lege-Cy
8.           The Weeknd
9.           Mohamed Hamaki
10.         Afroto

Egypt’s Most Streamed Songs:
1.           “Ghaba” by Marwan Pablo
2.           “Astronaut in The Ocean” by Masked Wolf
3.           “Asyad El Soot” by Wegz and LZHYMR
4.           “CTRL” by Marwan Pablo
5.           “Msh Bel 7ozoz” by Afroto
6.           “SIRI” by Shahyn
7.           “Tesla” by Marwan Moussa
8.           “3afareet El Asphalt” by Wegz
9.           “Msh Fair” by Wegz
10.         “Hustla” by Wegz

Egypt’s Most Streamed Albums:
1.           “Florida” by Marwan Moussa
2.           “Sahran” by Amr Diab
3.           “Mawloud Sanat 80” by Hamza Namira
4.           “Future Nostalgia” by Dua Lipa
5.           “SOUR” by Olivia Rodrigo
6.           “?” by XXXTENTACION
7.           “Planet Her” by Doja Cat
8.           “After Hours” by The Weeknd
9.           “Ya Fatenny” by Mohamed Hamaki
10.         “Kol Yom Men Dah” by Mohamed Hamaki

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