Karim Mahmoud Abdel-Aziz’ song ‘Al-Ghazala Ray’aa’ trends on YouTube

Eslam Omar , Sunday 2 Jan 2022

Egyptian actor Karim Mahmoud Abdel-Aziz, 36, is trending on YouTube in the first week of 2022 with his song ‘Al-Ghazala Ray’aa.’

Men Agl Zeko
Karim Abdel-Aziz (R) in this still from the new film Men Agl Zeko

The song — which features talented child Mohamed Osama — was released on 23 December as a promotion for Abdel-Aziz’s new film ‘Men Agl Zeko’, which will premiere in theatres on Wednesday.

At the top of the YouTube Music’s trending topics with 10 million views, Al-Ghazala Ray’aa is a typical Arabic Ma’soum pop recipe by commercial key players lyricist Menna Adly El-Ke'iy, composer Ihab Abdel-Wahed, and producer Ahmed Tarek Yehia.

Directed by Peter Mimi of Al-Ekhteyar, Men Agl Zeko is written by Mostafa Hamdy and stars acclaimed actress Menna Shalaby, alongside Amr Abdel-Gelil, Mahmoud Hafez, and Mohamed Mahmoud, in addition to a number of cameos by comedians Shiko, Mohamed Tharwat, and renowned actress Esa’ad Yunis.

The youngest son of the late legendary Egyptian actor Mahmoud Abdel-Aziz, Karim started his acting career at an early age in 2000, finding his stardom in recent years with a number of successful commercial films like ‘Hatoly Ragel’, ‘Esh Al-Bolbol’, ‘Omar & Salwa’, ‘Gawaza Mery’, ‘Etla’ouly Barra’, and ‘Mousa.’

Other trending songs of the week include Bahaa Sultan’s make-up song with producer Nasr Mahmours ‘Ta’ala Adalla’ak’, Tamer Ashour’s ‘Tegy Nerahen’, and Sherine’s ‘We-Bahleflak’ and ‘Khasemt El-Noum’, alongside many rap releases from Wegz, Afroto, Marwan Moussa, Mohamed Ramadan, and Abusif.

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