Egyptian top rapper Wegz hits with a romantic flow in ‘El-Bakht’

Eslam Omar , Sunday 27 Feb 2022

Egyptian rapper Wegz — dubbed the most listened to rapper in recent years in Egypt by multiple streaming platforms — has shifted to a more romantic tone in his latest single ‘El-Bakht’, which topped the listening trends after hours of its release.

Wegz sits by the sea of Alexandria (File Photo: the artist's official social media)

Wegz, 24, has surprised fans by abandoning his pride and prejudice rhymes in favour of expressing a wounded lover’s struggle in ‘El-Bakht’, which was produced by Rahal, who boosted the rapper’s new areas of discovery by decorating the beats with a dramatic-pop-flavoured strings section.

“Playing a luck game, I asked her [out] and she rejected me. I was surprised by her [reaction]. Where is my prestige? My love, I am laughing at my fiasco,” sings Wegz in the intro of his lyrics.

In a rare display of vulnerability, Wegz borrows his previously used arrogant expressions, “I was in a standing still mood and she shook me,” to express contradicting emotions and explicitly confess failure’s confusion followed by the heartbreak of being rejected by a lover.

A few hours after its release on late Saturday, ‘El-Bakht’ is topping YouTube’s music trending topics with over 1.3 million streams in addition to almost half a million streams on Anghami, along with discussions by fans on social media regarding Wegz’s new attractive style.

Followed by almost two million fans on each platform, the 1998-born Alexandrian gained popularity with his rapping in arrangements that mix Western hip-hop with Egyptian Mahraganat sounds, hitting many times with releases and collaborations like ‘Bazeet’, ‘Dorak Gai’, ‘Salka’, ‘El-Ghasala’, ‘Keify Keda’, and most recently ‘Aqua Mix’, with famous actor and rapper Ahmed Mekky.

Wegz recently put his acting skills to the test for the first time ever in Ahmed Malek’s ‘Bimbo’ TV series, which was directed by Amr Salama.

Many other Egyptian rappers are on a romantic kick recently, with releases like Marwan Moussa’s ‘Alomak’ and ‘Ya Salam’, Abyusif’s ‘El-Hob’ and ‘8/8/G’, and MOUSV and Gelba’s ‘Mostashfa’ trending recently.

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