Lebanese musician Sarah Machleb feels 'reborn' in her new album Simple

Ahram Online , Friday 1 Apr 2022

Dubai-based Lebanese artist Sarah Machleb released her second album Simple this week, in which she expressed feeling "reborn" following the pandemic, shedding light on her forays into alternative and electronic music.

Sarah Machleb

"The concept of this album is very simple, hence its title," explains Sarah Machleb adding that the 14 tracks on the album are all about "spring as a metaphor for rebirth, reconnecting with nature and with oneself."

The theme also refers to the new beginning – a rebirth – after the long months of lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The album blurs the lines between alternative and electronic music with nods to downtempo electronica and acoustic music.

As such, Simple contrasts with her first album Soul, where she was still experimenting with her voice, and which had timid vocals and basic chords progressions. Simple is a wonderfully bold, stirring and stripped back album.

Opening track Dark is a stylish slice of emotive deep house and definitely the sort of music you could imagine soundtracking an Ibizan sunset.

From there the album explores expansive pop in Away, followed by sunny piano in the title track Simple and then the self-reflecting Child.

The album also includes a song titled Garden, which in fact "sets the tone of the album because it is a mixture of both [my] sides, Machleb clarifies.

Compositions that made it to Machleb's second album were carefully selected by the musician from her large repertoire. They reflect different phases of her life, with some of them written and recorded as she moved from the Ivory Coast back to Lebanon around the time of the port blast and the start of the pandemic.

The release of the album was delayed several months by complications in production and mastering, which were out of Sarah’s hands.

But if anything, releasing an album about spring and rebirth and nature at the start of spring is a brilliant accident of timing, proof that keeping life “simple” really does work.

Sarah Machlab is a Dubai-based independent singer/songwriter from Beirut. A prolific songwriter with over 100 tracks, she released her debut album Soul in 2021.

She has collaborated with Seif Yasser including on the 90s-inspired Show and worked with Loqui on their 2021 single Off The Record.

Simple is accessible on a number streaming platforms including iTunes, Spotify and Anghami

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