Lebanese band TeleChild launches debut album Turn On Your Favorite Show

Ahram Online , Wednesday 6 Apr 2022

Inspired by the music and television of the 1980s and 90s, the alternative rock band TeleChild has released their debut album Turn On Your Favourite Show last month on numerous streaming platforms.


Turn On Your Favourite Show was created over the last four years, including during the pandemic and its long days of lockdown. Most of the tracks were written in Dubai, as well as during their trip to Thailand.

The final album was recorded at Tunefork Studios in Lebanon over two separate sessions. The album was mastered at the famed Abbey Road Studios of The Beatles. 

Consisting of 10 tracks, the songs' lyrics explore family bonds, relationship struggles, regret, a sense of escape, and the band's cynical view on society.

TeleChild take inspiration for their alternative rock sound from the magical and addictive world of television. 

Their name is inspired by their childhood interests in the 1980s and 90s, when TV channels and music programmes were finding their groove. The new album is a personalised reflection of these channels and times.

The band consists of Lebanese childhood friends Hadi Baba and Charles Anouzi.

“As you listen through the songs with the different rock styles, you’ll get the same feeling of randomness as if you’re zapping through TV channels, but hopefully you won’t be able to stop,” says Hadi Baba.

The album showcases a variety of musical genres, with the musicians moving from indie and rock music to the blues, funk and soul, topping it with orchestral power. One track even features bosanova, adding yet more colour to the album. 

“There are many tempo changes within the same song, for example, and a lot of the tracks don’t follow the typical verse-chorus-verse-chorus-bridge formula,” Baba comments on the album's repertoire.

The duo started collaborating in their university days, and decided to work on their first album when they met again in Dubai.

The album also features Nimri on vocals, Akram Hajj (from Kinematic) on drums, Marwan Tohme (from Postcards) on bass.

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