Thousands attend Egyptian rapper Marwan Pablo's concert in Alexandria

Eslam Omar , Saturday 14 May 2022

Egyptian rapper Marwan Pablo performed on Friday a big concert in his hometown of Alexandria at the Ittihad of Alexandria Club, where thousands of fans attended.

Marwan Pablo


The attendees, mostly youngsters, enthusiastically sung along with Pablo’s hits songs that included Ghaba, Ctrl, Atary, Sindbad, Barbary and other popular tracks.

Pablo was also keen to perform his latest hit RACORE, an anthem to pride. The track is currently soaring towards being among the top listened-to tracks on various music platforms since it was released last Saturday.

The Alexandrian concert featured a number of top rappers like Batistuta, Abo El-Anwar and EVIL.

One of the most popular rappers in the country, the 26-year-old Pablo – most known for his earlier track El-Gemeiza – is among the top listened-to singers locally, with more than a million subscribers on YouTube , despite going on hiatus for almost a year.

His comeback music video Ghaba attracted over 22 million views on YouTube alone since it was released in February 2021, with each of his other songs racking up millions of streams across all platforms.

In March, Marwan Pabo, alongside Wegz and Afroto, was among the first rappers to perform in Saudi Arabi amid the Riyadh Season festival.

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