Hot summer starts as Amr Diab releases new songs

Eslam Omar , Saturday 9 Jul 2022

Less than two weeks after releasing his latest hit El-Look El-Gedeed, Egyptian megastar Amr Diab has launched promotions for his new summer songs Zaman El-Mogamla and Men 6 Le 9 during the season of Muslims’ celebrations of the Eid El-Adha feast.

Amr Diab


The new releases are part of Amr Diab’s 2022 album that will also include Wazeer El-Saada, Nas Helwa, Bahebbak, and other songs that will all be exclusively available on the Lebanese music streaming platform Anghami.

Currently trending; the typical Amr Diab’s evergreen masoum pop recipe; El-Look El-Gedeed is written by Ayman Bahgat Kamar, composed by Mohamed Yehia, and arranged by Mohamed Hamdy, gaining 1.5 million listens since released on 29 June.

He has earlier released Elly Yemshy Yemshy and Hateddala, which stand at 5.6 million and 6.8 million listens, respectively.

Alamein then Riyadh

Amr Diab is gearing up for an anticipated concert on Tuesday in New Alamein which was among the top topics of social media discussions in recent weeks, due to its high ticket prices that vary between EGP 1,500 and 10,000.

Two days later, on Thursday, Amr Diab will also perform in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia as part of his summer tour.

Decades of Stardom

With over 30 albums and a huge collection of regional and international trophies and awards, "El-Hadaba" – as he has been nicknamed by fans and street billboards – has kept growing his fanbase throughout his four-decade-long career, transcending generations each season.

Staying consistently relevant since the 1980s, the 60-year-old star Amr Diab proves year after year that his music style is still commercially successful, attracting young audiences to his pop recipes even amid the dominance of Mahraganat and the rise of Trap music.

Exclusivity Challenge

Unlike most pop singers that are available on all platforms like YouTube, Spotify, and iTunes, all Amr Diab's new songs are only available on Anghami as of February. 

How his summer releases fare will be the real test that shows how wise this unique bold move was.

Previously listed on top of almost all Arab streams across all platforms since the start of the online streaming era, Amr Diab is Anghami’s Arabic top-listened artist of 2021 across all countries.

Currently Trending

In addition to Amr Diab, Eid El-Adha week charts are dominated by releases from pop stars; Ruby’s Nemt Nenna, Ahmed Saad's Wassa3 Wassa3, Assala’s Ghalban, Ramy Sabry’s Enty Genan, and Tamer Hosny’s Hadla3ny- from his new film Bahebak – which is currently top of YouTube trending songs in Egypt.

Charts also include competition between rappers Marwan Moussa, Abyusif, and Afroto, as well as Mahraganat performers Mohamed Ramadan, Essam Sasa, Ahmed Moza, Kozbara, and Amin Khatab.

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