Medhat Saleh releases patriotic song with Ali El-Haggar and Mohamed Sarwat on music platforms

Ahram Online , Saturday 8 Oct 2022

Popular Egyptian singer Medhat Saleh has released the patriotic melody Shabbek Ya Masry (Unite, O' Egyptians) on all music platforms on 3 October as part of the country's celebration of the 49th anniversary of victory in the October War.

Medhat Saleh Ali El-Haggar and Mohamed Sarwat


Shabbek Ya Masry, a ma’soum-tune, is performed by Medhat Saleh, 61, Ali El-Haggar, 68, and Mohamed Sarwat, 68 - three of the most renowned Egyptian singers of their generation.

"This time is for those who build, not those who destroy or sow doubts,” the trio stress in the chorus.

The song was written by Mohamed Hares, composed by Ibrahim Nasr, and produced by Osama Kamal.

The production features solists: Islam Al-Qasabgy (oud) Mohamed Mostafa (nai) and Said El-Artist (percussions).

"All respect and appreciation to veteran singers Ali El-Haggar and Mohamed Sarwat for agreeing to work in this production without any compensation based on their love for our beloved Egypt,” said Saleh.

The song has been previously performed by the trio in two concerts and also by large choruses in several patriotic events.

Each of the three veteran singers has a big collection of patriotic songs in their repertoire.

Medhat Saleh's patriotic song portfolio includes Hebbaha Zay Ma Heya (Love Her The Way She Is), Oul Ya Masry (Say, O’ Egyptian), Tahya Masr (Long Live Egypt), Masr Gayya (Egypt Will Rise), Ibn Masr (Son of Egypt), Law Konna Benhebbaha (If We Love Her).

Ali El-Haggar's patriotic songs include Ana El-Masry (I, the Egyptian), El-Watan (The Homeland), Houna El-Qahera (Here is Cairo), El-Nisr El-Masry (The Egyptian Eagle), and Elly Banna Masr (He Who Built Egypt).

Finally, Mohamed Sarwat sang in the love of Egypt in Masryetna (Our Egyptianess), Awel Nour (First Light), Belad El-Doniya (The Lands of The World) and Balady Ya Balady (My Country, My Country).

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