Egyptian rapper Wegz tops Spotify 2022 charts in the Arab region

Eslam Omar , Saturday 3 Dec 2022

Wegz, Marwan Moussa, and Marwan Pablo are among the many Egyptian artists who dominated the most-listened-to lists in the Arab region on Spotify this year.



For the third year in a row, Wegz is the top artist in Spotify in Egypt and the region. His romantic song El-Bakht is also Egypt's and the region's top-streamed song; his B3ouda Ya Belady and Keify Keda came in fourth and tenth place, respectively.

"It is an honour for me to be the top streamed Arab artist across the region. I want to thank my fans for taking me where I am today and always supporting my art and vision," Wegz, 24, said in a press release published by Spotify this weekend.

His fellow rappers Marwan Pablo and Marwan Moussa also made it to the top five of the region’s top list that also included Egyptian pop stars Mohamed Hamaki and Ahmed Saad as well as Mahraganat artists Essam Sasa and Muslim and indie rock band Cairokee.

Egypt’s top streamed artists also include rappers Abyusif, Afroto, Ali Loka, Lege-Cy and Ahmed Mekky as well as pop stars Bahaa Sultan and Tamer Ashour, among others.

"This year's Wrapped results in Egypt are truly incredible and reflect the musical palettes of Egyptian listeners. It was also great to see newcomers topping the list and some of Egypt's most cherished artists returning," stated Spotify's Head of Music in the MENA Mark Abou Jaoude.

The charts have been announced within Wrapped annual campaign -- launching for the fourth time in the MENA -- that also includes top playlists, and podcast genres as well as a personalised user experience for each listeners’ favourites.

While Spotify lists give some indications, top-listen lists of other platforms like YouTube, iTunes, Anghami and other streaming services have slight differences in the top listens, depending on the type of users’ preferences, as well as each platform’s display.

Founded in 2008, the Swedish streaming platform Spotify contains over 80 million tracks, including more than 4.7 million podcast titles, serving 456m users, including 195m subscribers, across 183 markets globally.

Some Wrapped top lists have been announced by Spotify as follows;

 Top 10 Arab artists in the region:
1.           Wegz
2.           ElGrandeToto
3.           Marwan Mousa
4.           Marwan Pablo
5.           Tagne
6.           Essam Sasa
7.           Muslim
8.           Mohamed Hamaki
9.           Cairokee
10.         Ahmed Saad

Top 10 Arabic tracks in the region:
1.           El Bakht by Wegz
2.           Etnaset by Muslim
3.           AlekyEyoun by Ahmed Saad
4.           MatkhafeeshYamma by Ali Loka and Ouzzy
5.           Elghazala Ray2a by Karim Mahmoud Abdelaziz and Mohamed Osama
6.           Barbary by Marwan Pablo
7.           Love nwantiti North African Remix byElGrande Toto and CKay
8.           Magic By kouz1
9.           Min AwelDekika by Elissa and Saad LMjarred
10.         B3ouda yaBelady by Wegz

Egypt’s Most Streamed Artists:
1.           Wegz
2.           Marwan Mousa
3.           Marwan Pablo
4.           Essam Sasa
5.           The Weeknd
6.           Abyusif
7.           Afroto
8.           Cairokee
9.           Lege-Cy
10.         Muslim

Egypt’s Most Streamed Songs:
1.           El Bakht by Wegz
2.           Etnaset by Muslim
3.           Barbary by Marwan Pablo
4.           B3ouda yaBladi by Wegz
5.           Aloomek by Marwan Moussa
6.           Mesh Nadman by Muslim 
7.           Aqwa Mix by Wegz and Ahmed Mekky
8.           Ta3ala Addala3ak by Bahaa Sultan
9.           7adouta Almani by Marwan Moussa
10.         Keify Keda by Wegz

Egypt’s Most Streamed Albums:
1.           Roma by Cairokee
2.           Stan Stefano by Afroto
3.           Cigara by Bahaa Sultan
4.           Dawn FM by The Weeknd
5.           YaFatenny by Mohamed Hamaki
6.           TegyNtrahn by Tamer Ashour
7.           After Hours by The Weeknd
8.           Proof by BTS
9.           Florida by Marwan Mousa
10.         Mercury Acts 1 & 2 by Imagine Dragons

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