Sherine is 2022’s most-streamed female Egyptian artist globally on Spotify

Eslam Omar , Saturday 10 Dec 2022

Spotify has celebrated the voice of Arab women, unveiling 2022 charts for female artists, listing Sheriene Abdel-Wahab as the most-streamed Egyptian female artist globally.



Sherine was followed by Ruby, Oum Kalthoum, Angham and Carmen Soliman respectively.

Sherine lies fourth in list of the most-streamed Arab woman artist globally, after Lebanese stars Nancy Ajram, Fairuz and Elissa, respectively. 

The Egyptian star is also the second-most-streamed Arab female artist across the Arab world following Fairuz.

The female charts have been announced within Wrapped annual campaign -- launching for the fourth time in the MENA -- that also includes top playlists and podcast genres as well as a personalised user experience for each listeners’ favourites.


Wegz, Marwan Moussa, and Marwan Pablo are among the many Egyptian artists who dominated the most-listened-to lists in the Arab region on Spotify this year.

While Spotify lists give some indications, top-listen lists of other platforms, like YouTube, iTunes, Anghami and other streaming services, have slight differences, depending on the type of users’ preferences, as well as each platform’s display.

Founded in 2008, the Swedish streaming platform Spotify contains over 80 million tracks, including more than 4.7 million podcast titles, serving 456 million users, including 195 million subscribers across 183 markets globally.

The followings are all Arab women charts as published by Spotify.

Most-Streamed Arab Female Artists Globally:
1- Nancy Ajram
2- Fairuz
3- Elissa
4- Sherine
5- Manal

Most-Streamed Arab Female Artists in the Arab World:
1- Fairuz
2- Sherine
3- Nancy Ajram
4- Elissa
5- Aseel Hameem

Most -Streamed Egyptian Female Artists Globally:
1- Sherine
2- Ruby
3- Umm Kulthum
4- Angham
5- Carmen Soliman

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