Egyptian top rapper Wegz performs Ezz El-Arab at World Cup closing

Eslam Omar , Sunday 18 Dec 2022

Egyptian top rapper Wegz scored another triumph on Sunday after performing in Doha at the half time of Argentine v. France match in the final of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

Wegz in a shot from Ezz El-Arab music video


Accompanied with choreography, Wegz  sung ‘Ezz El-Arab’ (“Arab Glory”), which is FIFA’s official anthem for the World Cup.

Calling for unity and resolving disagreements and for moving forward, the song is an ode of pride to the Arab world that celebrates Qatar – whose National Day falls today – for being the first host in the region for the most prestigious sports event.

Wegz, in his song, also celebrates the glory of Morocco's team, which also made history by becoming the first African and Arab team to finish in the fourth place and who attracted wide admiration and support from across the region.

Advertised on a big billboard in New York’s Time Square this weekend, the music video of Ezz El-Arab, directed by acclaimed Ali El-Arabi of 'Captains of Zaatari', was released on the FIFA YouTube channel and gained almost 1.5 million views since Wednesday 14 December.

Furthermore, Egyptian mezzo soprano Farrah El-Dibany  performed on Sunday La Marseillaise, the French national anthem, in the beginning of the final FIFA World Cup match against Argentine in Doha, Qatar.

Emirati singer Balqees  also performed during the half-time.

Wegz Triumph 

Achieving one success after another, Wegz has this month been named as the most streamed Egyptian singer on the leading streaming platform Spotify for the third year in a row. His romantic song El-Bakht is also Egypt's and the region's top-streamed song; his B3ouda Ya Belady and Keify Keda came in fourth and tenth place, respectively.

Followed by almost three million fans on each platform, the 1998-born Alexandrian gained popularity in recent years for his attractive rapping in arrangements that mix Western hip-hop with Egyptian Mahraganat sounds, hitting many times with releases like ‘Bazeet’, ‘Dorak Gai’ and ‘El-Ghasala’, as well as big collaborations like ‘Salka’ with Mahraganat star Hassan Shakosh, ‘Aqua Mix’, with star actor and rapper Ahmed Mekky.

Last year, Wegz put his acting skills to the test for the first time ever in Ahmed Malek’s ‘Bimbo’ TV series, which was directed by prominent Amr Salama of ‘La Mo’akhza’, ‘El-Sheikh Jackson’, and ‘Paranormal’.

Performing frequently abroad, his latest appearances being in Saudi Arabia and England, Wegz's live performances usually attract thousands of fans, most of which are youngsters who enthusiastically sing-along his lyrics. Some artists of the older generations have occasionally claimed that they don’t understand his lyrics, though.

Wegz still has to show up at the Musician's Syndicate headquarters to obtain a licence after he signs a pledge to adhere to the union’s new conditions.


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