Soprano Amira Selim celebrates holidays releasing ancient Egyptian love song Merut Ek

Eslam Omar , Saturday 7 Jan 2023

Egyptian soprano Amira Selim celebrated the New Year and the Egyptian Orthodox Christmas by releasing a music video for Merut Ek (“Your Love”), an ancient Egyptian love song.

Amira Selim


“This is my gift to you for the holidays,” Selim stated to her fans through various social media platforms sharing links to the song.

The song was released on various music platforms, including YouTube, Anghami, iTunes and Spotify.

Merut Ek is an improvisation by Amira Selim on Prelude by JS Bach, accompanied by harpist Mona Wassef. The sound has been mixed and edited by Mafdy Thabet.

Under the guidance of Egyptologist Yasmin El Shazly, the lyrics are taken from the Chester Beatty Papyrus, with English and Arabic subtitles added to the music video.

“My heart bares itself instantly at the memory of your love. It does not let me walk like a person. It has strayed from its shelter and does not let me put on a dress. My heart bares itself instantly at the memory of your love. My heart, do not stray,” reads the lyrics.

Under the production supervision of director Hisham Abdel-Khalek, the video clip was shot in France by the director of photography, Medhat Soody and edited by Kamal Abou Hashem.

The song was initially introduced last month amid Selim’s participation in the opening of Nefertiti Palace Egyptian virtual city of Metatut.

Born in Cairo in 1976 to an artistic family, the Cairo Conservatoire graduate has studied piano, singing, ballet and painting since early childhood, winning several awards.

She has been a member and soloist at the Cairo Opera company since 1997, participating in many operatic works with them and other French, Italian and German companies.

Amira Selim gained fame with her eye-catching orchestral performance during the 2021 Pharaohs’ Golden Parade in Egypt, where she performed her hit hymn, A Reverence for Isis, in the ancient Egyptian language.

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