Egyptian singer Sherifa Fadel dead

Eslam Omar , Sunday 5 Mar 2023

Iconic Egyptian singer Sherifa Fadel, of Tamm El-Badr Badry (Early Full Moon) and Om El-Batal (Hero’s Mother), passed away early on Sunday, leaving a legacy of well-known songs and film classics.

Sherifa Fadel


The singer also had a successful acting career, starring in several classics between the 1950s and 80s and producing some as well, before she retired in the 90s.

Many artists and journalists have expressed mourning for Fadel’s death, confirming that her funeral will take place in Cairo’s Al-Saeda Nafisa this afternoon.

Collaborating with Mohamed El-Mogy, Baligh Hamdy, Sayed Mekawy, Riad Al-Sunbati and other great composers, Fadel was famous for many songs like El-Leil, Amana Ya Bokra, Ana Bamassi, Ah Yal-Maktoob, Ah Min El-Sabr, Mawal El-Oshak and others.

Haret El-Sakayeen

Mounir Mourad’s composition of Haret El-Sakayeen gained Fadel widespread fame across the region in the 60s. The song was re-introduced by Mohamed Mounir in 2012 and was popular among the younger generations.

Wedding Classics

Among Fadel's significant works are traditional wedding anthems like Ya Oshak El-Nabi, Mabrouk Aliky, Tal’a El-Salalem, Dokko El-Mazaher, Marouk Alik Ya Me’gebany and many others well-known songs.

Hero’s Mother

Om El-Batal, by composer Ali Ismael, was a big highlight of Fadel’s career. She introduced it to celebrate the 1973 war victory and memorialise her son with director El-Sayed Bedir, who was killed while serving as an air force officer during the war of attrition.

Early Full Moon

Tamm El-Badr Badry is Fadel’s most famous work ever. Since the 60s, the song has been a trade-mark to say goodbye to the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. The song lyrics were written by Abdel-Fattah Mostafa and composed by Abdel-Azim Mohamed.

Childhood talents

The granddaughter of Quran reciter Ahmed Nada showed singing and acting talents since early childhood, appearing in a few films like The Father (1947) and working in Egyptian radio in the famous Baba Sharo kids’ program.

Film career

Between the 50s and 80s, Fadel starred in almost 20 films, including Haret El-Sakkayeen (1966), The Police Inspector (1960), and Sultana of Tarab (1978), which she also produced. Tal El-Akareb (1985) was among her last films before her retirement.

She also had a few appearances in theatre.

Fadel also established the famous El-Leil night club on Haram Street in the 70s.

Many local newspapers and TV channel have reported that Fadel was born in September 1938, while others insisted that she was born in 1928.

Fadel died while the country was celebrating Martyrs Day. 

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