Hany Shenouda warmly celebrated in Riyadh with a star-dubbed concert

Eslam Omar , Thursday 9 Mar 2023

Egyptian legendary composer Hany Shenouda, 80, has been paid tribute in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on Wednesday in a big concert that featured Arab star singers.

Amr Diab, Mohmed Mounir and Hany Shenouda
Amr Diab and Mohmed Mounir gestures as Hany Shenouda receives an honouring trophy during the Saidi Arabia s General Entertainment Authority s Memories tribute event in early celebration of the iconic musician s 80th birthday

Amr Diab, Mohamed Mounir, Ahmed Adaweya, Angham, Cairokee, Mostafa Haggag, Mai Farouk and Mona Aziz have each performed a couple of Hany Shenouda’s evergreen melodies during the ‘Memories’ night.

The singers have been accompanied by conductor’s Hany Farahat’s 130-musician orchestra, who also introduced a couple of medleys combining some of Shenouda’s re-arranged film scores’ like Adel Emam’s El-Mashbouh, El-Moled, El-Hareef, Esabet Hamada W-Toto, Shams El-Zanaty among other tracks.

The highlight of the night include; the fit return of Mona Aziz in ‘Mashya El-Sanyora’, Mai Farouk’s neat cover for Nagat’s ‘Bahlam Ma’ak’, Haggag’s touching accompanying of Shaabi icon Adaweya in ‘Zahma’, Cairokee’s dreamy cover of ‘El-Shaware’ Hawadet’ and Mounir’s intimate merging with Angham in ‘Ana Ba’ashak El-Bahr’ in addition to Amr Diab’s nice reviving of ‘El-Zaman’.

The show was directed by iconic film director Khairy Beshara whom Amr Diab saluted singing ‘Raseef Nemra Khamsa’ from ‘Ice Cream in Gleam’.

Emotionally, the concert was ended with Amr Diab singing ‘Ommy El-Habiba’ with Mounir as Shenouda plays the piano, bringing back 70th memories.

The tribute night, which has been organised by the kingdom’s General Entertainment Authority under helms of Turki AlAlshikh, was broadcasted live on MBC channels and Shahid-VIP streaming platform.

The Benchmark event was attended by dozens of Egyptian celebrities; including musicians Hesham Nazih and Nader Abbassi, filmmakers Mohamed Hefzy, poet Medhat El-Adl, critic Tarek El-Shennawy, actors Elham Shahin, Laila Elwi, Hesham Maged and Asser Yassin, to name but a few.

Shenouda, who will turn 80 in April, has made a revolutionary impact on Egyptian pop music throughout his six-decade career. His major achievements include collaborations with star singers such as Abdel-Halim Hafez and Nagat, forming first-ever Egyptian indie band of its kind; ‘El-Masreyeen’, discovering talents with the weight of Mohamed Mounir and Amr Diab, as well as composing hundreds of well-memorised songs and film scores that inspired generations of the Arab World audiences.

Taking the stage with Amr Diab in the concert’s last segment, Shenouda has warmly thanked the organisers and artists, marking the International Women Day in his short speech and threw a couple of witty comments.

The concert is currently among the hottest trending topics on social media, with hundreds of thousands sharing and interacting with its memorable moments.

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