Cairo Opera organises 31 concerts as part of Ramadan programme

Eslam Omar , Ahram Online , Sunday 19 Mar 2023

Cairo Opera House has scheduled 31 concerts at its venues in Cairo, Alexandria and Damanhour, as part of a special programme for the holy month of Ramadan.

Cairo Opera House


Starting at 9:30, the music night events will feature Islamic performers and spiritually-focused artists, according to the Cairo Opera House newly-appointed Chairman Khaled Dagher.

The concerts will take place at various theaters, including the Open Theatre and Small Hall of the Cairo Opera House, the Arab Music Institute Theatre, and the Sayed Darwish Theatre of the Alexandria Opera House.

Beginning on 1 April, the Open Theatre will host a number of famous pop singers such as Medhat Saleh (12 April) and Ali El-Haggar (6 April), as well as indie bands and performers like Dina El-Wedidi ( 4 April), Massar Egbari ( 7 April), and Ayamna El-Helwa ( 2 April).

Additionally, there will be performances by Sufi chanting performers and bands such as Sheikh Yassin El-Tohamy (13 April), El-Hadra (7 April), and Mawaweel Band (3 April), among others.

The Small Hall will host 11 events focusing on Islamic music and singing heritage, with performers from various countries such as Saudi Arabia, Palestine, Yemen, Pakistan, Indonesia, and Bangladesh


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