Amr Mostafa releases new single dedicated to his mom on Mother's Day

Ati Metwaly , Tuesday 21 Mar 2023

Egyptian singer and songwriter Amr Mostafa released a new single on his official YouTube channel as a tribute to his own mom on the occasion of Mother’s Day, which is celebrated in Egypt on 21 March.

Amr Mostafa


The song, which is titled Omy Eldonia (My Mother is the World), was released on the singer’s official YouTube channel and his social media accounts as well as other music streaming platforms.

Just six hours following its release, the song garnered more than 12,000 views on the artist's YouTube channel.

“My mother lives with me; she lives in my heart; my mother is the whole world; as long as she is fine, everything is good,” sings Mostafa in ear-catching basic chord progressions.

The studio-recorded tracks of the song are complemented with the gentle embroidery of a solo guitar played by Mohamed Maghraby.

The song was composed by the artist with arrangement by Tayam Tarek and the lyrics by Mostafa Nasser.

Mostafa's new single comes weeks after he released Salam Salam in January 2023.

In December of last year, Mostafa released Ya Dayra, a song that was among his most successful hits of late, trending on YouTube across the Arab World for one month following its debut. 

Amr Mostafa, 44, carved his name in the music industry by writing songs for renowned artists such as Amr Diab and Mohamed Hamaki, in addition to other songs that were incorporated into the repertoires of Samira Said, Assala, Hisham Abbas, Moustafa Amar and others. 

Following Khallik Fakerni, a song he composed for Amr Diab's Amarain (1999) album, Mostafa established himself as a leading hit-maker in the Egyptian pop music scene.

His compositions, many of which have the character of ballads, are characterised by light and attention-catching melodies in which he often juggles between Oriental and Latin rhythms, setting the guitar as one of the main protagonists of the songs.

In 2007, Mostafa launched his own singing career with his first solo album, Ayami followed by a second solo album Alama Fi Hayatak in 2008.

He has received several annual recognitions placing him as Best Composer, for songs he composed for himself and others.

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