Egyptian musician Mohamed Nouh dies at the age of 75

DPA, Monday 6 Aug 2012

Mohamed Nouh, famous for his song 'Sheddy Heilek Ya Balad' and his soundtracks for many Egyptian films, has passed away

Mohamed Nouh

Egyptian musician and composer Mohamed Nouh passed away on Sunday morning at the age of 75. He retired in the early nineties and appeared little in the media. His health had deteriorated in recent years.

Nouh was born on 8 January in Tanta in 1937, and received a degree in commerce and a diploma from the Arab Music Institute. He also studied music composition at Stanford University.  

He started his career as a singer and actor in Egyptian musicals and was famous for his ability in playing instruments, including the piano, the nai, the oud and the violin.   

He has composed music for several famous singers like Nagah Salam, Aly El-Haggar, Mohamed El-Helw and Mohamed Tharwat. He also composed music for several films and directed his own film Rehlet El-Ayila El-Moqadasa (The Journey of the Holy Family). 

After the 1973 war with Israel, he established Al-Nahar band, which sang patriotic songs. He had also established a band called the Nouh Quartet with his son and two daughters. 

He sung many famous songs, but the most famous is Maddad Maddad Sheddy Heilek ya Balad (Get Some Strength, Country.)

Nouh has also appeared in many films including El-Zawga El-Thanya (The Second Wife), Shabab Fil Asefa (Youth in a Storm), Crystal, Meredes, El-Mohager (The Immigrant) and Alexandria Again and Again. 

He has also worked as a professor of sound in the High Institute of Cinema for many years and a professor of musical theatre in the Arab Music institute. He also completed many research works on Ancient Egyptian music, history and language. 

In 1991 he won two awards, the state encouragement prize and an award at the Cairo International Film Festival. 

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