Lebanese star Hiba Tawaji releases new album Baad Sneen

Eslam Omar , Sunday 7 May 2023

Lebanese star Hiba Tawaji has released her new album titled Baad Sneen (After Years), which combines 13 songs and three music videos.

Hiba Tawji


The album that took Tawji three years of preparation has been available on music streaming platforms like YouTube, Spotify, Anghami, iTunes and others since Friday.

Produced by Universal Arabic Music, Baad Sneen marks Tawji’s first proper full-length album since 2017, which explains its title.

Collaborating – as usual – with renowned Lebanese music producer Oussama Rahbani, Tawji co-wrote and co-composed some of the tracks and recorded it between three countries—Lebanon, France, and the United States.

Baad Sneen features GRAMMY Award-winning pop star Luis Fonsi in Que Sera Sera; an Arabic/ Latin duet, in addition to Ibrahim Maalouf – her husband – as trumpet player, producer and songwriter.

“In 2020, I started working on the Baad Sneen album, and it was a very special year for me. I got married and later on found out I was pregnant with my first baby. It is now 2023, and I am releasing [the album] as a mother of two beautiful children! That is why this album emulates female empowerment,” Tawji stated this weekend.

“I wanted Baad Sneen to be relatable and to cover emotions we experience and go through; love, faith, separation, nostalgia, distress, and hope" she added.

A singer, actress and director; Hiba Tawaji’s previous albums include La Bidayi wala Nihayi (2011), Ya Habibi (2014), Hiba Tawaji 30 (2017), in addition to a Christmas album in Arabic and English Hallelujah (2017), all produced by Oussama Rahbani.

Among various collaborations, she has duetted live with Andrea Bocelli, performing on many prestigious stages and festivals in the Arab World.

Oussama Rahbani, who is one of the most influential composers in the Middle East, is the son of Lebanese musician and poet Mansour Rahbani.

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