Eskenderella, revolutionary Egyptian band, plays in open air on Monday

Ahram Online, Sunday 12 Aug 2012

Eskenderella, a contemporary Egyptian band which gained fame with its pro-revolution songs plays folkloric songs with an activist spirit live in Abdeen Square, Cairo at 10pm Monday

Headed by Hazem Shahin, the Egyptian band is known for their activist spirit and their covers of folkloric songs by renowned  renowned Arab composers, such as Sheikh Imam, Sayed Darwish and Ziad El Rohbani. They also have a regular repertoire of popular originals. Eskenderella have been making music since 2005, performing across Egypt, in addition to concerts in Qatar, Bahrain, Lebanon and Tunisia.

Abdeen Square has played host to the monthly El Fan Midan mini-festivals that, since shortly after the January 25 Revolution, encourage citizen engagement with art. El Fan Midan is a nationwide initiative that aims to bring art closer to local communities by organising performances in major town squares across Egypt. The festival, which has a distinct revolutionary essence, typically features an assortment of music performances, art and photography displays, as well as mini-book fairs.

On Monday, 12 August, however, Eskenderella claim centre stage.

Monday, 12 August, 10:00pm
Abdeen Square, Cairo

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