Hamza Namira's new song Raye2 trends big on YouTube

Ati Metwaly , Friday 21 Jul 2023

Egyptian singer Hamza Namira released Raye2 (Cool) online on Wednesday, with the song trending massively on social media within hours.

Hamza Namira


Only one day following the music video's release on YouTube, the new song has garnered over half a million views, becoming #3 on YouTube's Trending list for music in Egypt.

Raye2 is the first of the 13 tracks scheduled for release as part of Namira's sixth highly anticipated album. Fans can look forward to hearing his other new songs, such as Ghoroub (Sunset), Iskandareya (Alexandria), and Reyah Al-Haya (Winds of Life) every Wednesday until the album's full release in September.

The summer tune Raye2 combines Arab music with flamenco and afrobeat accents, set to a joyful and contemplative beat. 

The music was composed by Namira and Andre Mina, with lyrics by Mahmoud Farouk.

Directed by Mostafa El-Soly, the music video sees Namira singing while driving a car through the mountains of Greece. As the car breaks down, he keeps his good spirit and sings: "I won't open the door that bothers me; I'm feeling good; I'll wear a smile that fits me."

Namira's song spurred many social media users to comment on the song's positive energy and lyrics, and optimistic message. 

Leading up to this first release, in recent weeks Namira has shared updates on his work and discussed how his new album was inspired by the sea.

"My love for music was triggered during a chill-out in front of the sea. My new album also started during a chill-out at the seashore. I consider the process of writing music to be the most difficult, as I try to translate the emotions trapped inside of me and situations into songs which can reach the hearts of many people. My sixth album is almost ready. Are you ready?" Namira wrote in early July. 

The Egyptian singer has plans for an extensive international tour to promote his new songs. He will perform at Capital Turnaround, in Washington DC on 8 September, performing for an audience of 1,000.

This will be followed by a European tour, with announced concerts so far including Paris (15 September), Utrecht, the Netherlands (16 September) and Berlin (30 September).

An Egyptian star

Namira, born in 1980, is a popular musician in the Arab world whose musical journey started during his teenage years when he began playing guitar, keyboard and oud.

He was deeply influenced by his time in the band of Alexandrian artist Nabil Bakly between 1999 and 2004. While studying commerce at Alexandria University, he began performing and graduated in 2003.

Namira's unique style that meanders across genres such as light rock, jazz, Latin music and above all Arab music has made him more accessible to Western audiences, and the subject of a dedicated fan base.

He released his debut album, Ehlam Maaya (Dream with Me) in 2008, followed by four more successful albums: Insan (A Human, 2011), Esmaani (Listen Up, 2014), Hateer Min Tany (I'll Fly Again, 2018), and Mawlood Sanat 80 (Born in the Year 80, 2020).

In December 2022, Namira launched Namira Lounge, a collection of instrumental versions of eight of his popular songs.

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