Not to be missed: From Hisham Kharma, Ali El-Haggar to Nefertiti

Ahram Online , Wednesday 26 Jul 2023

Ahram Online highlights a selection of do-not-miss events this week (26 July - 1 August) in Cairo

Not to miss

Exhibitions showcasing a plethora of Egyptian artists

Ahram Online has highlighted several must-see events for the week of 26 July to 1 August in Cairo, including exhibitions featuring a range of Egyptian artists across four galleries.


Hisham Kharma - concert
Wednesday 26 July, 8.30
Cairo Opera House - open air theatre, Zamalek, CairoAs part of an ongoing Summer Festival, Kharma began performing live music concerts in 2016, accompanied by a grand orchestra in prestigious locations such as at the pyramids' feet, the Cairo Citadel, and the London Mansion House. He also composed scores for various TV series and films, including the first Egyptian sci-fi TV drama series, El-Nehaya, and the first Arab 3D film, Youm 13.

Read more about Hisham Kharma and his newest composition Kholkhal. 

Haunted Mansion
Thursday 27 July
Across cinemas

In Disney's The Haunted Mansion remake, Gabbie (Rosario Dawson), a single mother, hires a psychic (Tiffany Haddish), a priest (Owen Wilson), a historian (Danny DeVito), and a tour guide to help her exorcise the ghosts inhabiting her newly purchased mansion.

Talk To Me
Thursday 27 July
Across cinemas

The film follows a group of friends who become addicted to conjuring spirits using an embalmed hand, until one of them goes too far and unleashes terrifying supernatural forces. It stars Sophie Wilde, Joe Bird, and Alexandra Jensen.

Estabena - concert
Thursday 27 July, 7pm
Goethe Institut, Dokki Mesaha, Cairo

Estabena, the Mediterranean Sea Music Project, unites artists of diverse Mediterranean cultures and nationalities, who merge their backgrounds and languages to express cultural similarities and differences through music. The concert is part of Shubbak El Fann's final day in the 2023 season, a project featuring theatre, music, and dance every Thursday from March to July, launched and managed by Goethe Institut.

Nefertiti, Queen of the City of Light - theatre play
Thursday 27 July, 9pm
Goethe Institut, Dokki Mesaha, Cairo

As part of Shubbak El Fann's final day in the 2023 season, the El-Shanta Theater Group presents a play based on Naguib Mahfuz's novel Life in Truth, which showcases real events from ancient Egypt's history enriched by Mahfuz's creative imagination, with dramaturgy by Hany El-Metennawy. Shubbak El Fann is a project featuring theatre, music, and dance every Thursday from March to July, launched and managed by Goethe Institut.

Noha Fekry - concert
Friday 28 July, 9pm
Room Art Space, 10 Etehaad Al Mohamin, Garden City, Cairo

Noha Fekry, a well-known figure in the Egyptian jazz scene, comes from a musical family. She sang with the Riff band from 2008-2016, then formed her own group, performing regularly at local jazz venues. She collaborates with local and international musicians, including Ziad Rahbany, Yacub Urban, Amro Salah Trio, and Mattias Nilssan.

Ali El-Haggar - concert
Saturday 29 July, 8pm
El-Sawy Culturewheel, Zamalek, Cairo (River Hall)

El-Haggar, a prominent singer in Egypt and the Arab world for the past four decades, has performed poems by Salah Jahin, Abdel-Rahman El-Abnoudy, and Sayed Hegab. He has worked with renowned composers like Baligh Hamdy, Sayed Mekkawy, Omar Khairat, and Fathy Salama.

In the Box - theatre play
Saturday 29 and Sunday 30 July, 8pm
Rawabet Theatre, 5 Hussein Basha Al Meamari, Downtown Cairo

The film explores promising beginnings and empty endings within families and society, depicting confused opinions and relationships while questioning the possibility of change.

Waslet Samaa - concert
Monday 31 July, 8pm
El-Sawy Culturewheel, Zamalek, Cairo (River Hall)

Waslet Samaa is a religious recitation band that blends Inshad and oriental music with western influences, performing ‘nasheed,’ a type of Islamic singing either a cappella or with a few instruments.

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