Jeddah concert featuring Egyptian stars of 1990s echoes across Arab countries

Ahram Online , Thursday 17 Aug 2023

Dubbed Cassette 90, the concert featuring numerous Egyptian stars of the 1990s began trending on Twitter across the Arab world.



The concert that featured stars of the Arab world 1990s music included performances by Libyan-Egyptian Hamid El-Shaeri, Kuwait born Egyptian Hossam Hosni, alongside other Egyptian stars such as Mohamed Mohi, Khaled Aggag, Mohamed El-Helw, Ehab Tawfik, Mostafa Amar and Hisham Abbas.

On 16 August, the Benchmark Theatre stage in Jeddah was filled with nostalgia for bygone eras as both the organizers and audience members posted clips from the performances on social media.

Just hours after the event, the #كاسيت_90 (Casette 90) was in the top five trends of the Arab world on Twitter. 



The stars walked the audience through the all-time favorites.

Hossam Hosny presented Kol El Banat Bathebak (All Girls Love You), Eldonya Harr (It's Hot) while Mostafa Amr sung his hits A'layla Doub, Al Sood Oyouno, Hanheb Ayamna (We'll Love Our Days), among others.

Khaled Aggag took the stage with Taalaly (Come to Me), Fi Nas (There Are People), Asaab Hob (Hardest Love), Wahashteny (I Missed You), to name but a few.

The organizers surprised the audience with honoring Mohamed El-Helw who performed Layali El-Halima and Zezenia.

The performance was totally sold out days in advance, and after the event, Twitter followers urged the organizers to replicate the success.




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