New songs by Ahmed Saad, Hamza Namira, Wegz, Marwan Moussa top YouTube charts

Ahram Online , Saturday 9 Sep 2023

Ahmed Saad, Hamza Namira, Wegz, and Marwan Moussa dominate YouTube charts with their songs making it to the 'top music videos' and 'top trending music' categories.


Their new songs have been equally successful on music streaming platforms such as Spotify in Egypt and Anghami.

Ahmed Saad's song Ekhtayaraty has reached 70 million views on YouTube since its release two months ago, ranking it first in the 'top music video' category in Egypt.

The song’s success extends to other Arab countries, ranking as YouTube's number-one music video in Saudi Arabia.

Meanwhile, Ekhtayaraty comes second on Spotify charts this week and as the third most listened-to song on Anghami.

Ahmed Saad’s collaboration with Roubi in Ya Layali ranks 4th on YouTube's top music videos, with 22 million views. Meanwhile, it is the most listened-to song on Anghami and ranks 5th on Spotify.

Numerous songs from Hamza Namira’s latest album Raye2 also made it to YouTube's top 10 list in Egypt. 

Recently-released Reyah El-Hayah entered the 7th position, and Aalam Kaddaba the 8th. The song came 4th on both Anghami and Spotify this week. 

Raye2, the title song released almost two months ago, moved to the 46th position today, however with 6 million views, it has been one of the album's most successful songs.

Namira’s songs are equally successful in YouTube’s ‘top trending for music’ category in Egypt. His song Ya Safeena, released last Wednesday, comes first with 700 thousand views.

Ya Safeena is followed in second place by Wegz's recent release Helwa Menak.

The main song featured in the upcoming Egyptian black comedy film Voy! Voy! Voy!, Wegz's single has reached more than 440 thousand views since its release last Wednesday.

Shortly behind Wegz, Namira returns with two more songs from the Raye2 album.

We Regeana Lewagaa El-Alb released also last Wednesday, comes third in 'top trending for music', garnering 420 thousand views, followed by Merayat in 4th position, with over 1.7 million views since its release on 30 August.

YouTube's top trending charts also include a number of songs from Marwan Moussa's most recent album Import-Export

Hob Khena'a, Dokhol-Khorog, Roh Aalatol, and Volt Aaly come in 7th, 8th, 11th, and 12th positions respectively. The songs have scored between 150 and 250 thousand views on YouTube.

The eight songs from Marwan Moussa's album were all released on one day last week, attracting the attention of the rapper's fans who mostly applauded his new fusion of rap, shaabi, and mahraganat genres.

Meanwhile, Nawal Abdechaffi's 2022 music video Mekhasmak had a new surge in popularity, reaching the second position on YouTube's top music videos. The song came first on Spotify this week and second on Anghami.

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