Egyptian singer Ahmed Saad’s duet with Lebanese singer Maha Ftouni trends on YouTube

Farah Samir, Monday 25 Sep 2023

The Egyptian singer Ahmed Saad’s new song Alb Safi, featuring the Lebanese rising singer Maha Ftouni, trends on YouTube, reaching almost half a million views in the second week after its release.

Ahmed Saad


Alb Safi (Pure Heart) stands currently at number 17 on Trending for Music on YouTube in Egypt.

The song, which was released last week, was among the top 5 in Trending for Music for a couple of days and is still among the most successful music videos.

In the video which was obviously recorded with a cellphone camera, the pair casually sit next to each other as friends enjoying singing together, without a series of rehearsals and production arrangements.

Alb Safi was written by Fares Katrya and produced by Mohamed El-Helw who produced several other songs for Saad.

The shaabi (pop) singer, composer, and actor Saad has some songs dominating music platforms in Egypt, such as Ya 3araf (Oh Fortune Teller), Eh El Youm El Helw Da (What a Sweet Day), and Ya Layaly (Oh My Nights). Most of these songs proved highly successful on YouTube as well as many other music platforms including Spotify and Anghami.

Saad is one of the best-known artists in the Arab World, who also embarks on collaborations with other established and rising artists.

He collaborated with Ruby on Ya Layaly and with Nordo and Ahmed Zaeem on Ya 3araf.

Each of these songs gained more than 30 million views on YouTube, becoming among the most-viewed singles on the artist's channel.

Maha Ftouni has recently released three singles, each of which has gained millions of views on YouTube. Her biggest hit, El-Sabr Gamil (Patience Is Good), has garnered almost 100 million views on the platform seven months after its release.

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