Hebrew subtitles: Sharmoofers release single A Message in support of Palestinian Cause

Ahram Online , Wednesday 6 Dec 2023

Sharmoofers, a popular Egyptian band, expressed their support to the Palestinian people through their new single Resala (A Message) released yesterday on YouTube, with the lyrics subtitled in Hebrew.



The one-and-a-half-minute-long rap song relies on a black screen with lyrics in Arabic and Hebrew.

The song was presented on numerous music streaming platforms and Sharmoofers' social media.

"The smell of blood was strong. A child, a woman, a sheik, or a young man, no difference [to you]," are the opening words of the lyrics penned by Ahmed Bahaa (the band's vocalist), who also composed the music of Resala.

"You are the one carrying the sin. It is all written, it is all known," the lyrics continue using words that not only support the Palestinian cause but also point to the nation's suffering over decades.

In translating lyrics to Hebrew, Sharmoofers attempt to make the message reach listeners in Israel.

Released yesterday, Sharmoofers’ song has climbed to "#28 on Trending for Music" in Egypt.

Resala comes within a series of songs, by several Egyptian and Arab artists, which support the Palestinian cause and/or address the current war on Gaza.

Moreover, on 30 November, the Egyptian band Cairokee released the new single Telk Qadeya (It's a Case), expressing their support for the Palestinian cause and questioning the US double standards.

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