Marwan Pablo's new album The Last Piece of Art trends on YouTube

Ahram Online , Ati Metwaly , Sunday 10 Dec 2023

El-Mabda2 (The Principle), Matafetch (Unquenched), and Aman (Safety) (Intro) are among the trending songs on the Egyptian rapper Marwan Pablo’s YouTube channel, which saw the release of the 12 songs of his latest album Akher Ket’aa Faneya (The Last Piece of Art) last week.

Marwan Pablo


The most successful song from Pablo's recent album is El-Mabda2, which garnered almost half a million views to date, placing the track as “#2 on Trending for Music” on YouTube in Egypt.

This is followed by Matafetch scoring “#6 on Trending for Music” with almost 300 thousand views on YouTube.

The third most successful track Aman (Intro) reached “#11 on Trending for Music” with 230 thousand views. 

The album was released on 27 November 2023, after Pablo announced it on Instagram on 24 September. 

Since the September announcement, Pablo released snippets of the songs on Telegram groups, and the album leaked in full on Anghami, a MENA-centered streaming platform, in October. Pablo has immediately pulled off the whole album, with some fans speculating that the move paralleled the first weeks of the Israeli war on Gaza.

The album also includes the remastered, previously released singles Lelly Yah (Oh Nights, 13 March 2023) and El-Halal (The Legal, August 2022). The original tracks proved extremely successful with Lelly Yah garnering 5 million views and El-Halal 6.4 million to date.

The album is available on all music streaming platforms, with YouTube using a fixed visual for all the tracks. 


The 27-year-old Pablo, who is from Alexandria, has become one of the best-known Egyptian rappers in recent years.

His start was in the mid-2010s when he was known as Dama. Later, he adopted the Marwan Pablo name in 2017 upon release of his first single Al Gholaf X Ozoris (The Cover X Ozoris), the success of which prompted him to write and produce the following tracks, popularizing the trap music in his hometown Alexandria.

Throughout his career, Pablo collaborated with numerous rappers, creating a network of musicians, who strongly influence their fans in Egypt and the Arab region.

In February 2020, Pablo announced that he would quit making music, yet he returned in 2021. 

Pablo was among the many Egyptian artists who dominated the most-listened-to lists in the Arab region on Spotify in 2022. Before that, he was strongly present in the 2021 charts, where together with other known rappers he challenged Egyptian pop music icons.   

His success did not come without backlash. The Egyptian Musicians Syndicate challenged him on several occasions, including temporarily banning his performances and placing high fines on lyrics that were deemed offensive to Egyptian family values.

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